30-Day Declutter Challenge

Cluttered Home that Needs De-cluttering, and more!

We’ve all seen them; we all love them. (Or maybe love to hate them?) 30-day de-clutter challenges seem to be everywhere right now. Everyone appears to have advice on how to completely de-clutter your home in just thirty days. Not only will you be organized, but you will also be thinner, happier, and healthier. Well, maybe they don’t promise that, but you get the point.

Well, here is a real life de-clutter challenge that makes sense. This realistic schedule will fit in your daily routine somewhere.

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The 30-Day De-clutter Challenge

So, here is the breakdown of the de-clutter challenge. Stick to this schedule, and you’ll be relaxing with a glass of wine in no time. Well, in 30 days.

Day 1: Clean Out Your Makeup Drawer.

Go through your makeup drawer and throw out anything that is old, cheap, or straight out of 1994. Yes, that blue mascara was impressive in its prime, but we know you’re not wearing that stuff anymore. Throw out any brushes that are losing bristles, or sponges that have a thick coat of makeup. Clear out all the makeup items you don’t use anymore so you can get ready in the morning easily and not have to dig through unwanted and unusable items.

Day 2: Clean Out Your Husband’s Closet.

This is your chance to get rid of all those things that don’t “spark joy” for you! Throw out anything he owned in college, anything that has cargo in the name, and anything with outdated images or sayings. If he has something that refers to a female body inspector, you have our permission to burn those.

Day 3: Clean Out Your Closet.

Now it’s your turn. Marie Kondo is onto something when she tells us to pull everything out of our closet and go through the pile piece by piece. You are MUCH more likely to get rid of something if you have to refold or rehang everything you keep. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, or you know you have to use that heavy-duty shapewear or a cardigan to cover an area you don’t like showing, throw it out.

Day 4: Clean Out a Kid’s Closet.

If there are any holes in it, throw it out. If it is fading or stained, throw it out. Unless you want that outfit to be their designated messy play outfit, only keep clothes that are in good shape, and you aren’t embarrassed to be seen in public with them wearing it. Remember, not every piece of clothing should be their dirty play clothes.

Childs shoes and tiara on the floor

Day 5: Clean Out Another Kid’s Closet.

Repeat Day 4 in another room. Same rules apply.

Day 6: Clean Out Another Kid’s Closet.

Perhaps you need this day, or maybe you don’t. Enjoy a glass of wine either way.

Day 7: Detox the Fridge.

Go through the refrigerator and get rid of everything expired. Well, at least everything that is so far past the expiration date you wouldn’t feed it to your kids, or you would be embarrassed if someone saw it. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to clean the shelves of the fridge and get rid of the built-up stuff that makes your jars stick to the tray.

Day 8: Purge Medicine Cabinet/Drawer.

Here is where you can combine or toss bottles when you have more than one open. If it’s expired, throw it away, or find a place that collects old medications for safe disposal. Wash off any sticky containers. If you have anything sitting around that you haven’t used in years (hello teething tablets), this is your chance to get rid of them.

Day 9: Organize Craft/School Supplies.

If markers are dried out, toss them. If glue doesn’t come out of the bottle, throw it away. Recycling scrap papers and scribbles is okay.

Day 10: Clean Out Your Junk Drawer.

It’s time to enter no man’s land. Just dump out the drawer and either organize or toss all the random stuff you think you need but never actually use.

Too Many dishes

Day 11: Organize Linen Closet.

Refold and stack all the sheets and towels. Throw away anything that is unusable and donate items that no one uses.

Day 12: Clean Off Kitchen Counters.

Just throw everything away. Done. But seriously, recycle old papers, permission slips, etc. Anything that you are holding on to “just in case,” either store in a safe place or get rid of it.

Day 13: Go Through Kids’ Plates/Silverware.

If you don’t have kids, you can skip this day. If you do have kids, toss all those very used forks with teeth marks, plates that have chips or missing parts, or ones that you can’t even make out the character that used to be on it.

Day 14: Go Through Cooking Utensils.

If you have multiple serving spoons of the same type, donate the extras. If the bristles are coming out of your basting brush, throw it away. You don’t need five different measuring cup and spoon sets. Pick your favorite and donate the rest.

Day 15: Go Through Silverware, Plates, and Cups.

If you have a hodge-podge of cups, plates, and silverware, decide which set you like the most, or that you use the most, and discard the rest. You probably don’t need 28 forks and 16 plates.

Woman with too many pairs of shoes

Day 16: Go Through Cooking Bowls and Serving-ware.

If you have six mixing bowls, you probably only use two or three. Examine what you have versus what you use.

Day 17: Clean Out Your Wallet.

Throw out all those receipts you are saving for the clothes your kids have been wearing for the last six months. File away receipts for big-ticket items. Otherwise, all the scraps of paper and old business cards should see the trash can.

Day 18: Go Through Your Shoes.

If they hurt when you wear them, they need to go. If you owned them before you had kids, it might be time to donate them. If your kids laugh at you when you wear them, then flaunt them proudly while you chaperone their dance.

Day 19: Go Through Kids’ Shoes.

Throw out anything too small, too ripped, or too dirty.

Day 20: Go Through Husband’s Shoes.

Same rules as all the other shoe days.

Trash in the car

Day 21: Go Through Email Inbox.

Delete advertisements and old emails you don’t need anymore. Better yet, download an app that will do it for you.

Day 22: Organize Cleaning Supplies.

Only keep what you use and what has enough left to use.

Day 23: Organize Laundry Room.

Take this chance to throw away old bottles or bags of dryer lint. Sweep between the washer and dryer, also.

Day 24: Clean Out The Front of Your Car.

Throw away trash, wipe down the dash, take all the old books, bags, or jackets that have been hanging out back into the house and put them where they belong.

Day 25: Clean Out The Kids’ Area of Car.

If burning the car and starting over is out, at least throw away all the old food and trash, take inside the random art projects, collect all personal belongings, and sanitize everything

Messy stack of books

Day 26: Go Through Outdoor Areas and Toys. If you have old planters or toys that you don’t use, recycle, donate, or throw them away. Purchase a large storage box to hold all the pillows, toys, or grilling tools that are laying around.

Day 27: Go Through Sporting Equipment. Anything that is too ripped, too small, or too smelly should be tossed. Then, invest in a large bottle of Febreeze for future use.

Day 28: Go Through Your Books.

If it didn’t make you laugh or cry, and you won’t read it again, donate it.

Day 29: Go Through Kids Books.

If you have fluent readers, donate all the board books. If your kids have moved past an obsession, you can pass those titles along to a neighbor. Only keep what your kids like and will read.

Day 30: Clean Out Your Wine Rack.

And by clean, we mean drink. You deserve it after all the other de-cluttering. Plus, a cluttered wine rack needs serious attention.

There you have it. A 30-day declutter challenge you can get behind. If you want help maintaining a clean home, call TLC Cleaning in Fargo today. We are here to help you keep your house clean and make the need for challenges obsolete.

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30-Day Declutter Challenge

Everyone appears to have advice on how to completely declutter your home in just thirty days. Not only will you be organized, but you will also be thinner, happier, and healthier. Well, maybe they don’t promise that, but you get the point.

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