6 Ways on How to Clean Blinds

If you have an OCD eye for seeing dirt, dust, or grime, then most likely you will see the dust on those blinds of yours every day. Or multiple times during a day. Dust seems to show up even immediately after dusting a spot. Isn’t it so frustrating?


Or perhaps you have a friend or neighbor who seems to continually have the cleanest blinds, not that you were looking, of course. Because why would you be doing that? Oh wait; we already covered that. You are OCD about dust. You envy their blinds, don’t you? Or at least, you want to know their secret to keeping them clean. We know the feeling. We are also OCD about dust.

Look no further for the dust removal secret. Below, we list six of the greatest hacks known to woman (or man) about how to clean blinds thoroughly. They will appear and stay clean, at least for a week, because that dust shows up pretty quickly. These tricks happen to be very simple.

So rather than avoiding that dust and living in jealousy over your friend’s blinds, check out these simple secrets to remove the dust without throwing all the blinds away in frustration.

Different Tools to Use

To begin this rewarding process of cleaning your blinds, you’ll need one or more of the following items. You can pick all our suggestions or just one tool. If you’re feeling adventurous, try them all to see which one you like best. After all, you have enough blinds.

Here’s the list:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Lambswool duster
  • Depending on how dusty those blinds are, you might want to grab a mask.
  • Energy. Determination. Music. A cold drink for afterward.
Cleaning Tools

6 Ways to clean your blinds

     1. Suck It
Whether your blinds are vinyl, plastic or fabric, a vacuum does a fantastic job of removing dust. The brush attachment of the vacuum is vital for the job, so as not to damage the blinds with the plastic ends.

Speaking of damage, be sure to vacuum downwards rather than upwards. Vacuuming in an upward movement could ruin your blinds. Not only will you have dusty blinds, but they’ll be dusty, damaged blinds. No one wants that.

     2. Mini Duster

Stop. Before you go to your closet and seize your long, lovely duster off the hanger, think again. Though that might also work like a microfiber cloth, it’ll create more work since the duster will need cleaning as well.

Once you have the real duster (the lambswool ones are great), open the blinds, begin at the top, and work your way down. This way you won’t be doing double the work for yourself. Once this process is complete, grab your dust-buster and vacuum up the dust that fell on the floor. If that sounds like too much work, check out tip #1.

      3.Rubber Method

We’re not talking about using a bouncy rubber ball. Nope, we’re referring to a rubber or dry sponge. These do a fantastic job of getting the dirt and dust off of cloth or fabric and plastic blinds. Just take the sponge in your hand and wipe each slat clean.

Never heard of or seen these sweet sponges? Check them out at any home improvement store.

6 Ways to clean your blinds

        4. Old School

A super quick and easy method to get rid of the dust mites on your blinds is by using vinegar and water. Make a concoction of equal amounts of liquids, grab a rag, dip it into the good smelling liquid (or bad smelling, depending on your preference) and swipe across those slats. Poof. The dust disappears just like that.

If you have filthy blinds, we don’t recommend doing this method. It will just create a muddy mess. For those types of blinds, check out our last two tips.

        5. Take ‘Em Outside

Are your blinds metal or plastic?. An excellent way to get them sparkling is to lay them down on something like a rug or painter’s plastic on your driveway. This way, you’ll be getting a nice tan while getting a nasty job done. Two birds with one stone.

Dip a soft, car washing brush or rag into warm soapy water and brush across all the slates. Turn them over and repeat. To rinse, grab your hose and gently rinse off the dirty water. Drape the shining blinds over a towel on your sofa to let them air dry.

         6. Give them a bath

Sometimes blinds can be incredibly dirty, and the methods above won’t do the trick. Don’t get frustrated. Instead, try this hack out. Fill your tub with warm water. It might be tempting to put bubbles in the tub and take a bath yourself, but remember your goal: Get rid of dust.

Try to remove as much dust as possible before placing the blinds in the tub. Leave the blinds to soak for about an hour (just enough time to watch your favorite show), then wipe each slat down with a microfiber cloth. Finally, you can dry them by hand or hang them up to dry. Now you can take a bath. But please, clean out the tub first.

Don’t Dread Dust

We know that the job of dusting blinds is one of the most dreaded tasks on your cleaning list. And we know that it has to be done again and again, no matter how well you do it. But dusting does not have to be a big ordeal or a task to dread every week.

Try one, a few, or all of our tricks and you’ll be sure to have clean, glistening blinds just like your neighbors. And those OCD friends of yours who come over for dinner every week will wonder how in the world you got such clean blinds.

If it’s a struggle for you to stay on top of all the dusting that life creates, give TLC Cleaning a phone call. We exist to help you with these tasks that keep you from enjoying your family and all that life entails.

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