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We wanted to take a moment to send a message out to all of our clients.

TLC Cleaning and its staff are committed to providing the very best cleaning services. We set the highest standards for our staff and are continually working on ways to better train and educate them in terms of cleaning and sanitation procedures.

While the increase in US-based cases does raise concerns, we are confident that, due to our commitment to safe practices, continuing to welcome our staff into your homes poses no immediate risk for increased exposure to the COVID-19 virus. To supplement this, the cleaning products that TLC sources and uses meet not only the industry standards, but also our own stringent standards. We will also be bolstering our pre-client cleaning procedure while out in the field, and will be adding additional safety components, such as shoe protectors, washing hands when entering and departing each home as well as sanitizing in between for added assurance.

To help combat the spread of COVID-19, TLC would like to offer all of it’s current and existing clients a FREE 12-point Flu and Cold Buster package, to go along with their next regularly scheduled cleanings. This service is typically a $50 value, however TLC Cleaning believes in doing the right thing by our clients and that is why we are going to add this free of charge for all of you.
The package will include a Deep Disinfecting of the following:

The additional cleaning will take place during your next appointment and will help target those high-traffic and high-contact areas of your home or office. If you do not want us to add this automatically to your upcoming appointment, please let us know.

If you are feeling ill please call or email in to cancel your cleaning, we will be waiving our cancelation policy over the next upcoming weeks. Our commitment is always to our community as well as our staffs safety.

Thank you very much for your trust in our company to keep your family’s home clean and sanitized all throughout the year. I hope you enjoy our 12 Point Cold and Flu Busters Package. It’s my gift to you.

-Trish Lake