What Everyone Forgets to Clean in Their Homes

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So, you just finished your regular cleaning chores – the bathroom is sparkly clean, your kitchen is spotless, and your living room is dust-free. The reality is your home may not be as clean as you think. There may be quite a few things you forget to clean in your house.

If the thought of doing more work makes you cringe, call TLC to schedule a recurring cleaning service to keep your house clean so, you don’t have to!

Things you forget to clean in your house

Let’s start with those surfaces and other items that most people touch (with our hands) daily. These surfaces are critical because you likely come in contact with them more than one time per day.

1) Disinfect TV remotes and switches – just think about how many of these you have throughout your house. These surfaces are touched more often than you probably realize.

2) Doorknobs and handles – are used by everyone as they come and go. These are also frequently handled throughout the day – probably too many times to count. Heck, you may not be able to count that high!

3) Dishwasher – even though warm and soapy water runs through this appliance, you still need to thoroughly clean and can do so by using these ideas.

4)Keyboards – probably almost everyone in your house has to use a keyboard at some point throughout the day.

5) Toaster – this is particularly popular for breakfast, especially for when you can’t make your breakfast in the microwave or don’t want to dirty a pan.

If you don’t want to worry about habitually keeping these surfaces clean, call TLC to schedule a recurring cleaning service to keep your house clean all of the time, so you don’t have to.

Here are some other commonly visible surfaces you should frequently clean.

woman in yellow cleaning gloves and holding an iron

1) Door frames – most homes have several doors to pass through to navigate your way through your house. These surfaces get rubbed up against once in a while, so you will want to keep them reasonably clean to avoid future embarrassment when you have guests over.

2) TV – are dust magnets…they seem to attract every particle floating around. Here are

tips on cleaning your TV and reducing the dust that accumulates.

3) Lampshades – are also notorious for attracting dirt. It can be easily visible when you turn on the lamp, so you should clean the shades frequently.

4) Shower curtains – can readily build-up with mold and mildew stains. You can throw most (but not all) in the washing machine, but you can also buy them rather inexpensively at the nearest discount store.

5) Bathroom accessories – are pretty essential to keep clean because you wouldn’t want all of the dirt and dust getting a hold of your toothbrush. It could have the same effect as getting your mouth washed out with soap, which nobody likes!

6) Garbage containers – can accumulate with miscellaneous unpleasant things that end up sticking at the bottom.


The nitty-gritty

woman cleaning inside a cabinet

Now, there are some items and areas that may require a bit of a stomach to clean. Be sure you use gloves in these situations.

1) Beneath or behind the toilet – this area may be hard to reach. It’s wise to occasionally get down on your hands and knees to see what is lurking in that area.

2) Light fixtures and fans – lights easily attract dust, and fans will drudge up the light-weight particles that settle throughout your rooms. Don’t forget the exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom. The one in your kitchen can easily get splashed with cooking grease. The one in your bathroom can get full of hair and other lint that accumulates in the area.

3) Bins – are used as storage for multiple situations. For example, in refrigerators, you may store fruit, vegetables, or perhaps meat. It is vital to clean these on occasion, since food may leave an undesirable residue. Other types of bins may get dirty or wet, depending on the nature of how you are using them.

4) Clean your cleaning tools – it doesn’t make sense to use the same tools over and over to clean if they are full of dirt, germs, and other unsightly grime. Read these how-to tips for assistance.

If thinking about cleaning these areas officially grosses you out, call TLC to schedule a recurring cleaning service to keep your house clean, so you don’t have to.

Other things you forget to clean in your house

woman re-potting her indoor plants

You will have to pull out the vacuum cleaner, broom, or duster to adequately clean these areas.

1) Cushion covers – some can be removed and thrown in the wash, but you can run a vacuum cleaner over these areas.

2) Indoor plants – readily accumulate dust over time, so you will want to clean them using a duster gently.

3) Sofas – can often be cleaned using the extensions on your vacuum cleaner. You will also want to remove the cushions so you can vacuum underneath. Who knows, you may discover something you lost a while back, such as a remote, or the change from your pocket.

4) Carpets and rugs – you should vacuum these habitually to improve their life-span. Click here for details on how to maintain and clean your carpets and area rugs.

5) Dust and clean window hangings – are not particularly fun to clean. You will see a remarkable difference in appearance over time if you invest time in cleaning them.

6) Mattresses – should be vacuumed on occasion. They also should be rotated or flipped, if feasible, approximately every six months.

Get some help

a team of cleaning professionals

Last but not least, you should organize and get rid of your clutter. By doing so, it will be simpler to manage the whole shebang, and it will make everything easier to clean when you get the urge to do so.

Don’t hesitate to call TLC to schedule a recurring cleaning service to keep your house clean so you can spend your valuable time doing the things you love. You’ll no longer worry about the things you forget to clean in your house.

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