From Stressed and Exhausted to Relaxed and Care-Free

Grand Forks is home to a bloom of rich cultural heritage from the mighty Red River to the hallowed halls on the University of North Dakota campus. Combine that with the great outdoors and a welcoming community of good people, and you have Grand Forks.

Good people need good help to free up your precious time for more fun and relaxation and less stress and annoyance. TLC Cleaning Grand Forks has precisely the team of good people to help you increase your life’s ease and comfort.

A Clean House is a Happy House

Out-sourcing your house cleaning to the competent, professional team at TLC Cleaning frees up your time and reduces your stress. We customize our service packages to deliver precisely the help you need when you need it most. 

Check out our variety of service options, and mix-and-match them for your most ideal cleaning solutions. We offer:

  • Residential and commercial cleaning
  • Single visits or subscription services custom-scheduled to your preferences
  • House or business cleaning for your new-construction builds
  • Shampooing for rugs and carpets
  • Whole-home or business sanitation for seasonal germ reduction 
  • Relocation cleaning on prior to move-in, or after move-out

We also love to help you tackle special cleaning projects like cabinets, basements, or baseboards. 

Are you hosting an event? Let us come out before your big day to help take the task of cleaning off your shoulders. Then, have us back to take care of the mess after all the fun and excitement. We’ll make sure the only thing you’re left with is a happy memory.

No job is too big or too small for us to deliver the tidy surfaces, cracks, and nooks you crave. 

Don’t we all say, “I’ve got to get to that someday” about the cleaning chores we most dislike? Instead of putting those dreaded chores off, get help from a pro to offload the stress and annoyance of cleaning tasks you can’t stand.

Our Team Loves to Clean

While you may not relish the weekly vacuuming, our team lives to tidy, wipe, and scrub your house to a gleaming shine. Cleaning is our passion, and we do it with excellence. 

You can trust our experienced cleaning professionals to care for your home as if it were ours. Rely on TLC Cleaning to provide a fresh and happy space where you can truly relax and enjoy yourself, family, and friends.

Schedule a free estimate

Getting started with TLC Cleaning services is a snap. Fill out our contact form today, and we’ll schedule an estimate with you to discover your needs and calculate your investment at no charge.

We look forward to serving you, our neighbors, in the Grand Forks community.


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