How A Weekly Cleaning Schedule Can Help You


Raise your hand if you have had to quickly speed clean before friends or guests come over because things got a little out of hand on the cleaning front? Most have been there. Especially when you have kids, keeping your home clean is a difficult task.

Doing a massive clean all at once is exhausting and stress-inducing. If you have a weekly house cleaning schedule, you won’t have to rush to clean your house because someone is coming over. You will already be caught up on most of the work because you took care of it on its assigned day.

If you want some help maintaining a weekly house cleaning schedule, call the friendly professionals at TLC Cleaning Fargo. We provide weekly, monthly, or even once-in-a-while deep cleaning; whatever meets your needs.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Without a weekly cleaning schedule, you can end up feeling like you’re living in those first dad-is-home-with-the-kids scenes in Mr. Mom. It gets ugly really fast. Living without a weekly cleaning schedule leaves you with problems you have probably noticed but haven’t even thought about why they are happening.

Without a schedule, tasks take much longer when you finally get around to them. For example, if you neglect to clean and organize your fridge, it will take you a long time to go through all the science experiments growing in there. You will need a hazmat suit and a full day to devote to the project without a weekly checkup.

Furthermore, if you aren’t cleaning through your entire house regularly, you will forget where things are, or forget that you have items in the first place. You might end up buying a replacement only to find later you already have one. Nine packages of super glue anyone?

Advantages of a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If you find a weekly cleaning schedule your family can live with, you will notice many benefits. If there is a set schedule, you can get your family involved. Even young children can complete simple chores. True story. If they know what to expect every week, it will become routine, and everyone can do their job. Think military here.

Remember the scenario at the beginning about rushing to clean for company? Well, that won’t happen anymore. Your house will always be “company ready.” You might need to pick up a few things, but you won’t have to be embarrassed about your pee and toothpaste-stained bathroom (thank you, four-year-old son).

When you maintain a cleaning schedule, you will be much more aware of what you have in your home — no more buying kid’s scissors because you can’t find a pair at 7:30 the night before a project is due. You will always pretty much know when you need cleaning supplies or toilet paper, or anything else.

This household inventory can also help with meal planning and grocery shopping. You will know before it’s time to prep for dinner if you’re out of Worcestershire sauce. You will also be more aware of what clothes your kids have outgrown, so you know what to buy when you go into Target for toothpaste and come out with the whole family’s new wardrobe.

Probably the best feature of a weekly cleaning schedule is that you no longer have to spend hours at a time cleaning. If you wait to do everything at once, you end up spending way too long on this project. You will want to deep clean now and then, but the regular cleaning stays much more manageable.

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Example Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Weekly Cleaning

If you are thinking about a weekly cleaning schedule, there is no hard and fast rule of what has to happen on which day. Think about what works best for your family and plan from there. For example, if you know Mondays are terrible because you have a meeting and two of your kids have practice, make that a lightly scheduled day.

An example of a weekly cleaning schedule might be:

  • Sunday: In many houses, Sunday is family time. So, it might be a good day for smaller tasks. Generally, tidy up, pay bills, and organize your papers today.
  • Monday: The first day of the school week is a good day to change and wash sheets and towels. Because you probably didn’t over the weekend, clean your kitchen counters and mop the sticky kitchen floor. Don’t forget the fridge.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday can be your bathroom day. Take some time to clean and sanitize all of the toilets, mop the floors, clean the sink and tub, and spray down mirrors and shower doors.
  • Wednesday: Clean up the kids’ bedrooms, or have them clean their own bedrooms. Clean out your bedroom. Hang up any laundry that has been sitting on that exercise bike in your room and put all your shoes back in the closet they belong. Then maybe ride the exercise bike.
  • Thursday: Collect trash from all the garbage cans in the house and take it out to the outdoor bins. Depending on your flooring type, sweep, vacuum, or mop the living room and entryway. Return all clutter from the living room to its rightful place.
  • Friday: Sit down and do menu planning for the following week. Go over your family schedule for the weekend and upcoming week so you can make sure no one is double-booked. If you need to make any special purchases, like for a birthday party you forgot about until today, make a note so you can get all your shopping done on Saturday.
  • Saturday: Get all your shopping finished for the week. If you can shop without your kids, then it’s basically a vacation, right? If you have time, deep clean one area of your home.


Spend some time with this, change what you need to, and you will find a schedule that works for your family.

Call TLC Cleaning Today

If you need a little extra help cleaning, you can trust TLC Cleaning Fargo. Check us out online for an estimate on the work you want for your home. We will work with you to set a schedule that works well for your family.

Whether you want us to clean your house weekly, or focus on deep cleaning when you need it, count on TLC Cleaning to keep your home looking fantastic.

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