Is There a Right Way to Clean Your House?

Clean Your House

Since your house doesn’t get dirty all by itself, it is not going to clean itself, either. You might want to clean your house, but the thought of all the work it entails can be daunting.

It is essential to have a clean and sanitary house; you know that. Perhaps you’ve gathered a lot of information on how to clean your home, but taking that first step is hard.

For starters, where do you begin? The kitchen? The bedrooms? The toilets or the mini-blinds? Where exactly should the cleaning begin? What kinds of supplies are needed? Is there a right way to clean a house?

If you have a tough time leaping into doing a full house cleaning on your own, you can call the experts at TLC Cleaning Fargo and have your house cleaned by masters of cleaning. However, if you’re determined to hold the leash yourself, this article will inform you how to clean your house the right way.

Start With the Ceilings


If you think about it, this is the most logical place to jump-start your house cleaning spree. Start with the ceilings. The ceilings of your house attract a lot of dust. Since you don’t clean these high places every day, a lot of dust accumulates. Apart from dust, be prepared to find spider webs and stains.

Grab a long broomstick and a duster, and dust the ceilings. Clean the roof of each bedroom, the kitchen, storerooms, and other rooms in your house. Don’t forget the air ducts and ceiling fans. Pay close attention, and don’t skip a single room.

Remember: While dusting the ceilings, cover the furniture and electronics. For your protection, wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Dry Clean Everything First

After cleaning the ceiling of your house, a lot of dust will accumulate on the exposed surfaces in your home. Grab a duster, and clean the surfaces of your belongings to get rid of dirt.

A lot of people skip this step. Instead, they start applying cleaning solutions right off the bat. This results in dirt marks after cleaning. After a long hard day of cleaning, seeing an unclean surface can be very irritating! Save yourself a headache and remember to dry clean the walls, furniture, countertops, and shelves before washing them with a cleaning solution.

Gather All the Cleaning Equipment in One Place

Cleaning Equipment

You may not notice it at first, but you’ll likely waste a lot of time searching for supplies in your home’s many closets and cabinets if you don’t have all the cleaning equipment in one place. Here’s a tip to help you organize your cleaning supplies:

Tip: Place all the cleaning solutions, products, wipes, and brushes in one basket. Keep it near the place you’re cleaning. This tip can save you a lot of time. You can take the basket everywhere you are cleaning. While you’re in the middle of cleaning a surface, you never know which piece of equipment or product you may need. Having it all in one place is a time saver.

People waste a lot of time running back and forth while cleaning their house. This tip will help you clean your house in less time.

Don’t Forget to Soak

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning products don’t work like magic, contrary to TV commercials. Don’t expect them to clean the surface as soon you apply them. Apply the product and let it soak for a while. You clean other things in your house while the products are soaking.

Soaking makes cleaning a lot easier. If you soak before washing, you will get amazing results. Allowing cleaning liquids and gels to sit on the surface will help you get rid of stubborn marks and stains, and you won’t find yourself scrubbing endlessly.

It pays to be patient. You can have a cup of tea in the soaking period, or play with your dog, or have a snack to keep up that energy for more cleaning.

Don’t Miss Out On the Small Areas

Don’t Miss Out On the Small Areas

There are areas in every house which can go unnoticed while cleaning. For example, the surface under the microwave, the crevice under the books, and the space under the sink. There are many such areas in your house. Make sure you don’t forget to clean them.

Tip: Before you start cleaning, make a checklist of the areas which you may miss. After washing, go through the list and recheck those areas.

The cleaning freaks at TLC Cleaning Fargo are trained to pay attention to such areas. Save time and hire a team of experts to clean your home today.

Use Mild and Eco-Friendly Products

As mentioned, you must let the cleaning solution soak on the surface for better cleaning. When you do that, even mild products will do the job. If they don’t work, give them some more soaking time, and see the results yourself.

Harsh cleaning products contain toxins you want to avoid. They clean quickly because dangerous chemicals are lurking in them. These products not only harm the environment, but they also pose health risks. Use gentle, eco-friendly products for the health and longevity of your home.

Throw the Trash Out Last

Throw the Trash Out Last

When you ask for people’s advice on how to clean your home, you will probably be advised to throw your out trash first. But that’s not efficient. Instead, keep on collecting all the garbage in one place. You will find a lot of trash here and there as you go from room to room.

When you finish cleaning, you can dispose of all the trash in a single trip. You may even find useful things in the process.

By now, you might be thinking that cleaning your home is more work than you bargained for. It also requires a lot of time, planning, and supplies you may or may not have. If you have more important things to do, call the team of expert cleaners at TLC Cleaning. These cleaners love their job and will clean your house even better than their own.

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