How To Keep Your Floors Clean During The Wet Months

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Oh No! You just finished mopping the floors and what happens? The kids and the dog come in and it looks like a mess again. You just don’t have the proper floor cleaning equipment to keep up with this crew.

Storms bring unique challenges in floor care. It often requires extra help on your part. You want to keep your floors looking clean, and protect them from damage.

TLC Cleaning can always help you with those cleaning jobs, both big and small. We have the proper floor cleaning machines to get the job done.

We can get your floors and carpet looking fantastic so you have an easier time between professional cleanings. Here are some time-saving tips to keep your floors clean in between professional visits.


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Stop Messes Before They Happen

-If possible, have your family and guests remove their shoes as soon as they come inside. Shoes designed for walking in snow, ice, or water can track in grime.

-Footwear for wet or snowy weather often has deep treads to provide traction when walking on snow and ice. Those treads hold a lot of packed-in mess that will get on your floors.

-Create a space specifically for wet, messy footwear. A plastic crate works. You can place it near the door for convenience. On the porch works as well, if you have the space to do so.

-To save time, ask family members for their help keeping the floors clean. Cleaning up tracked in a mess before it dries is a big help!

-Show older children how to do the job correctly. They can help younger children clean up after themselves.

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More Time-Saving Ideas

Pets can be a source of a tracked-in mess in winter. Ice balls stick in their paws and gather up rocks, debris, and other unfriendly floor tidbits.

If you have pets that go outside, be sure to stop them at the door.

Check their paws and any other area that gets dirty. Give them a good cleaning before turning them loose inside.

Avoid salting entryways if possible. Salt tracked onto your flooring can cause damage. This may be costly to repair.

Keep snow and ice scraped off driveways, walkways, porches, and steps instead. If you do use salt to melt ice, make sure to use salt that is safe for concrete (and pets if you have them!)

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Winter is the Holiday Season

Wintertime means holiday parties and family gatherings. Be sure to

schedule a deep professional cleaning from TLC beforehand. Your home will be sparkling clean for special occasions. We have the floor cleaning, and carpet cleaning equipment to make your floors sparkle.

You’ll be proactive in case of a snow or ice storm. Starting with professionally cleaned floors will make your job easier. You’ll save time better spent with friends and family.

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Additional Tips from “Angie’s List”

“Angie’s List” is a popular website with helpful information and tips for the home.

According to an article on their website, there are several things you can do to tackle wet floors in winter:

Make sure you use plenty of floor mats, both indoors and out. They help catch water, snow, ice, and salt that would otherwise track into your home.

Make use of your broom and vacuum cleaner to keep salt and mud off floors. It will help prevent scratching your wood flooring as well.

Make use of good, reliable cleaners (but still safe for your floors!) They get dried mud, salt, and other grime cleaned up thoroughly.

Get carpets professionally cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer.

This helps keep them looking fresh and clean. It also helps keep winter mess from building up deep in the carpet’s fibers over time.


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More Tips from Shark Clean

Shark Clean also has some great tips for wintertime floor cleaning and protection:

-Expect to clean on short notice. Kids coming home from school track in grime.

-Adults coming in from work do the same. Keep the cleaning supplies you will need nearby.

-To save time, keep on top of the downstairs floor areas. They will get dirty fast from snow, ice, mud, and salt.
Spending a few minutes tackling the latest mess saves time. It’s harder to remove it later after it’s dried.
Shark Clean recommends vacuuming hardwood floors before mopping. Dried mud and salt on floors will scratch the finish. Mopping without good sweeping rubs the salt over the floor.

woman vacuuming hard wood floors with a pink cordless vacuum

Shark Clean also recommends using a mild vinegar and water solution. This lessens the effect of salt on the finish of your hardwood flooring.

Salt is alkaline and can eat away at the finish on your hardwood floor. This finish helps protect it from damage. Once again, check with your flooring’s manufacturer for their recommendations before proceeding.

We hope you find these time-saving tips helpful this winter. They will help you keep your floors clean and damage-free.

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Schedule your appointment with TLC Cleaning today to have your floors spic and span during the wet stormy months.

We have the proper floor cleaning equipment so that your touch-ups are easier. Don’t forget, we can also help you after the storm has passed!

Call to schedule an appointment today!

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