How to Work AND Keep Your House Clean

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It can be daunting to work and maintain a clean house at the same time. Many people tend to pile up cleaning tasks until the day they’re free. Sometimes, other activities overtake your cleaning day.

You need to live in a clean house. Give TLC Cleaning a call and let us take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders.

In the meantime, here are some tips to achieve a self-cleaning house while you work:

Clean As You Go

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No matter how you tend to clean, your home will often

fall into a disorder. You either pile all these cleaning tasks and wait until your cleaning day or choose to clean as you go.

The clean-as-you-go strategy is a great way to keep up on the little cleaning tasks as soon as you spot them.

Most of the “as-you-go” cleaning takes only 5-15 minutes. Wipe the sink when you notice dirt building up. Separate your laundry, so it’s ready for the wash.

Ensure that you don’t pile cleaning tasks to a specific day. That day might come and find you not motivated enough or too busy to get the job done.

Maintaining a clean house is easiest when you clean up messes as they arise, rather than only having a day or time to clean.

Set a Timer

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Let’s face it; cleaning duties can sometimes be tedious. There’s a mental block, which prevents most people from gathering the right energy to get most things done.

However, you can learn to make the task appear small and manageable by having a timer.

Setting a time to finish a specific chore is the easiest way to get it done fast. Set the timer and clean little chunks of your house in a frequency of 15-20 minutes.

Make sure you give yourself little breaks to avoid burning out. Your room might be spacious, meaning, you may not get it done in the time on the timer. That’s okay.

You’ll see soon enough that you do a lot more with the timer than without it.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

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When your friends come over for a surprise visit, don’t let them find a messy house that you couldn’t complete after getting into a dash-cleaning mode. If you have a cleaning schedule, you will always have things in order, and it will make maintaining a clean home so easy.

Living Well Spending Less advises that a cleaning schedule helps improve efficiency, allowing you to know what you need to do at a given time. Messing around and not knowing where to begin wastes time.

To create one, follow these steps:

-Understand your schedule: Will the plan be a weekly or monthly schedule? A four-week timetable is useful since you want to include tasks that you do monthly, such as cleaning your chimney.

-List the tasks and frequency: Make a cleaning items list and write down how often you need to complete each task. Plan properly and don’t think of cleaning a room every day that no one uses.

-Assign tasks: Cleaning the whole house is a mammoth task. It should be a shared burden. In your cleaning schedule, assign each household member a chore to perform.

If you live alone and want that sense of relief, give TLC Cleaning a call, and we’ll be your cleaning family.

Keep Your Cleaning Tools Close at Hand

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To make your life easier, have your cleaning tools close by on cleaning day.

Make sure the bathroom cupboard is stocked with supplies like a toilet scrub brush, cleaning cloths, and vinegar water in a spray bottle.

The same thing applies to the kitchen or the dining area. Have a cleaning cloth handy to do the job whenever you notice some dirt.

Having these tools closer saves time because you won’t be hunting around for the right brush or bottle when you need to carry out self-cleaning in your house.

Avoid the Perfectionist

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Your home defines the kind of person you are. If it’s in a messy state, people will judge your life based on that. It’s essential to live in a clean home.

However, when cleaning and organizing your home, perfectionism hinders many people. Learn to prioritize duties and decide those that need a more significant allocation of energy and time.

Don’t aim to become absolute best in cleaning your house; that mindset can deter you from actually cleaning the house. And when all else fails, call in the professionals (that’s what we’re here for after all!).

Organize Your Things

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Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

To maintain a clean home, put away things that you don’t need. Create an inventory of things you need and don’t need. Once you declutter, it becomes easy to clean and organize your house.

Streamline your nightstand.

Your nightstand makes your house alive at night. Do you have one? The Spruce advises that you should avoid cluttered and stressful bedrooms by limiting the nightstand accessories.

Make the room soothing by having fresh flowers, a scented candle, or Jewelry dish. If you want to make it more sentimental, add a photo frame to the nightstand.

Increase the space under your bed.

The area under your bed is a storage space worth utilizing. The problem is some beds don’t have space under them, but you can purchase a bed riser and use it to create space under the bed.

The key is to ensure there’s adequate space to store and organize your things.

Organize your things, create a cleaning schedule, clean as you go, and get every household member involved in self-cleaning. Do that, and you will never feel the struggle that comes with house cleaning.

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We understand that sometimes you have bigger fish to fry than house cleaning. We can take the cleaning workload off your hands.

Maintaining a clean house is as easy as leaving it to the professionals. At TLC Cleaning Fargo, we offer excellent commercial, residential, and new construction cleaning services. Call us today and let us put the dusty burden of cleaning behind you.

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