Kids Can Clean Too: How to Get Your Kids to Help with Housework

girl and mom cleaning floor with sponges together

As a parent, you work hard to keep your house in order. You also work hard to instill a sense of responsibility in your children. When it comes to home chores and keeping things clean, you might realize that your kids often turn up missing when it’s time to help.

Or maybe worse, they throw a fit or argue incessantly. Encouraging your kids to help out around the house can be frustrating.

Most kids don’t have a burning desire to help with household chores. Most don’t even want to clean up after themselves. Considering they are likely the biggest mess makers in your home, chores should be something they actively participate in and complete.

red headed dad discouraged with laundry and holding daughter

If like most parents, you’re struggling to run your household, keep everything neat and tidy, get each kid to their various activities, and even go to work all day.

You might feel like you could use some help around the house. While assigning chores to your kids is an effective way to encourage them to be productive members of society, as well as get some much-needed help around the house, you might realize hiring a professional cleaning company is the way to go.

At TLC Cleaning, we can give you the gift of time. Time to spend with loved ones or to be enjoying the things you love, instead of cleaning your house. With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s essential to make time for fun, family, and friends. With professional house cleaning services, you can relax and enjoy your time.

Whether you’re looking for recurring services or one-time deep cleaning, TLC Cleaning is ready to make your life easier. Our experts will make your home shine.

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Hiring a professional cleaning service won’t let your kids off the hook. Including your little ones in the home chores helps them build character, develop a work ethic, and so much more. If you’re having trouble getting your kids to cooperate, here are some excellent ways to inspire them to help out around the house.

Everybody’s Responsibility

When you’re part of a family, helping out around the house is everyone’s responsibility. Once your kids reach an age where they can be capable helpers, including them in household chores is only natural.
mom and small daughter getting ready to clean together

When you’re part of a family, helping out around the house is everyone’s responsibility. Once your kids reach an age where they can be capable helpers, including them in household chores is only natural.

There’s no reason parents should have to shoulder the sole responsibility of keeping the house in order. Everybody, big or small, can do something to contribute. Assigning your little ones age-appropriate home chores teaches them responsibility and prepares them for the real world someday.

Sharing household chores will also alleviate some of the stress and load from your shoulders.

Learning to share responsibilities with other household members helps them to be a team player, and shows them the importance of working together. You’ll watch your kid develop into a helpful, willing adult right before your very eyes, just because you made them clear the table after dinner. Well, there might be a little more to it than that, but you get the idea.

The Beauty of Household Chores

boy doing his home chores by doing dishes

Assigning your youngsters chores can benefit them in various ways. The first reason to enlist your child’s help around the house is that it teaches them valuable skills. Someday your kiddos will grow up to have their own homes, and you want to prepare them to take care of it and keep it clean.

You don’t want your twenty-something moving out for college and not having a clue about how to wash their own clothes. These skills help them to be independent.

Household chores also allow children to have a sense of pride when it comes to their work. Finishing a task to completion and doing a thorough job are reasons to be proud. Your kids will get to feel the pride of being part of the family and contributing to the household.

Helping out with home chores also keeps kids busy. How many times over summer break do your kids exclaim: I’m bored! Well, the good news is, if your house looks anything like mine, you can provide them with a quick list of things they can do to break the boredom.

Once again, this is a life skill kids will take with them as they grow older. They’ll learn to look around and see what can be done and take action.

As we mentioned earlier, home chores teach responsibility and work ethic. You’ll be preparing your kids for a future job and their future space by merely including them in your family’s home chores each week.

How to Get Your Kids On Board

a husband and wife and their daughter cleaning windows together

The bottom line is, you’re the parent. So what you say goes, right? We all know that sometimes, it’s just not that easy. Kids arguing, throwing fits, or endlessly complaining doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience. Here are some ways to entice your kids to cooperate and pull their weight.

Depending on the age of your children, different methods might work better than others. Choose age-appropriate chores for your kids to set them up for success.

Preschool Age Kids

a girl getting a sticker for doing her home chores

No, it’s not too early to get your preschooler on board with helping. Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm or overburden your little one, but they can certainly start learning to do simple chores.

An excellent way to entice them to help while they are young is to implement a sticker chart. For each day they complete their chores, they can earn a sticker. When they achieve the number of stickers you require, they can receive a prize.

School-Age Kids

a boy putting his allowance in his piggy bank

As your kids get older, you’ll be able to add some responsibilities to their weekly chores. While school and sports might be a priority, you can typically find some time to set aside for a task or two throughout the week.

A sticker chart might be too juvenile for your bigger little ones, so consider a small allowance. One way to establish a system for allowance is to have a set of chores that the child does as their responsibility as part of the family. These are home chores they don’t get an allowance for completing.

If they master those chores and are willing to take on a couple of extras, an allowance may be in order.

TLC Cleaning Can HelpTLC Cleaning Can Help

a woman getting ready to mop with cleaning supplies

While your kids need to learn to do some chores and to help out, they may not be able to do the same quality job as TLC CleaningTLC Cleaning is ready to free up your time and give you the clean house you’ve been wanting. Our team of experts can make your life easy with recurring cleaning services. Contact us today, and let us become part of your cleaning routine.

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