Mommy Needs a Timeout: Survival Guide To Kid Messes

TLC Can Help Mom have More Time and Less Mess.

Mother with kids

Motherhood, there’s nothing like it. Having kids is likely the pinnacle of happiness in your life. While you would be willing to die for the little minions you’ve created, let’s face it, sometimes you want to fake a coma if it means avoiding cleaning up after them. Kids making a mess in your home is one sure fire way to send you into a completely vegetative state. Maybe that’s slightly over-dramatic, but moms everywhere know that not only do kids create huge messes, but they also prevent you from cleaning any of them up.

All it takes is one trip to the bathroom by yourself (is that even a thing?), and the kids will single-handedly destroy everything you hold dear. From the marker on the walls to legos lying on the floor waiting to accost your bare feet, your kids seem to have only one objective: to make a mess.

If you have been living in squalor since the day you brought your first precious bundle of joy home from the hospital, it might be time to contact TLC Cleaning. We are here to help you pick up the pieces and messes when motherhood takes the inevitable turn from heartwarming to just plain messy. With deep cleaning services to give you a fresh start, or recurring cleaning services to help you keep up with day to day busyness of life, we are here to make life easier. TLC Cleaning can help free up your time and give you the clean home you desire.

If you’re in between professional cleanings from TLC Cleaning or are waiting to set your services up, check out this survival guide to preventing kid messes and occupying your little ones while you get the housework done.

Keep Potential Food Messes Minimal

Baby feeding

Snacks can be your saving grace when it comes to your kiddos, but they can also cause some of the biggest messes. Letting your children roam freely with snacks can cause food to end up in your carpet, or on your walls or furniture. If possible, consider keeping your kids contained to the kitchen or dining room when eating.

If this isn’t possible or practical for your lifestyle, consider placing a kid’s table and chair set in your living room where they can sit and enjoy their treats. Encouraging kids to eat in designated areas can be difficult, so a backup plan is helpful. When your kids want to snack in the area of their choice, make sure the snacks are something that can easily be vacuumed or swept up, and that won’t leave sticky residue everywhere.

Tip: Get a dollar store table cloth for messy meals and place under high chair and just trash it when all is done.


While you want to make sure your kids have the latest and coolest toys, sometimes it can become too much. From buckets of blocks to matchbox cars, the kids’ toys are trip hazards as well as one more thing to pick up. When your messy house is at its worst, decluttering can go a long way in making your home look cleaner.

Less can be more when it comes to toys. Make an effort to consolidate toys that no longer interest your kids. Not having an excess of toys will make it easier to keep your home clean. Your kids might even appreciate the less is more approach as well as have an easier time cleaning up.

Distract Them While You Can

You might find that aside from kids making a mess, cleaning up anything while they’re around can feel impossible. Whether you’re parenting toddlers, teenagers, or any age in between, it feels like you’re going in circles cleaning only to have the kids follow behind and undo your hard work. When it’s time to buckle down and get to work, occupying the kids is the only way to accomplish your chores.

A dance party is a fantastic way to keep young ones entertained. In addition to keeping them busy and having fun, you can blast some of your favorite music to help keep up your motivation. Turn up the volume and let the kiddos dance to their heart’s content while you bust a move with the mop and broom.

What’s that phrase about you have to make a mess to clean a mess? Well, sometimes that’s the ticket when it comes to keeping your kids busy while you go to work on the household chores. Letting them sit at the table with play-doh or another arts and crafts project might get slightly messy, but you’ll have a chance to get the rest of your home clean.

Get The Kids Involved

Small girl cleaning chair

It might surprise you to know that even toddlers can be helpful when it comes to household chores. Kids are never too young to start learning responsibility and helping out. Delegating even the simplest of tasks to your kids can take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

Whether you give your little one’s tasks to accomplish while you are cleaning or create an organized chore-chart for your older kids to tackle, every member of the family can help keep the house clean.

When All Else Fails Call TLC Cleaning

If despite your best efforts you still find you’re spending too much time cleaning your house instead of enjoying your sweet babies, it might be time to enlist the help of the professionals. TLC Cleaning is ready to help you tackle your biggest messes and give you back your precious time.

Being a mom is a special and wonderful time in your life, and time is a fleeting thing. While keeping your house in order helps keep you sane, and it’s nice to have a clean home, you’ll never get your time back with your children. TLC Cleaning can help with weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly cleaning services to help make your life more enjoyable.

If you’re a mom who’s ready for a time out, contact us at TLC Cleaning. Regain your time-freedom and have some fun with the kids without the stress of the mess. You’ll love our thorough and efficient team. Your home will sparkle and shine with help from TLC Cleaning.

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