New Home or Business? Get New Construction Cleaning

Are you about to realize your dream and move into your newly built home or business premises? Don’t have it spoiled for you by having to look at the mess the builders left behind.

Treat your new home or business to a thorough going over by the new construction cleaning professionals at TLC Cleaning Fargo.

It’s finally the Big Day!

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You’ve spent months, and plenty of dollars, watching the builders create your personal phoenix from the ashes of a previously unused site. And now the building is finished, ready for you and your family, or business colleagues, to move in. Everything, you assume, will be perfect.

Except it’s not. The site looks like, well, a building site, with all its debris, random trash, and detritus. And you own it. How can you be expected to move into this?

As any builder could tell you, creating new structures is a seriously messy business. There is no way that a quality builder can construct a building of any substance without creating a bit of untidiness.

Whether it’s wood shavings, concrete dust, smudges on windows, or paint stains, you can’t expect your builders to do their job in a pristine atmosphere.

Builders cut and shape the walls, ceilings, and doors, level the floors and install insulation and wiring. They paint the ceilings, tile the floors or lay carpet, and paint, molding, or wallpaper the walls.

Any of these jobs is bound to create a mess, so think what all of them together will look like.

When was the last time you tried even turning a faucet on without leaving some fingerprints? Imagine how much harder it is for your builder to install that faucet while trying to maintain some Betty Crocker-type perfection level of housekeeping. They can’t do it.

So after the builders have left the premises, call in the new construction cleaning team. Their job is to create the finishing touches to your new home or business, so you can walk through the doors on moving or opening day, breathe in that delicious, fresh building smell, and not be put off by a pile of unsightly paint cans or dusty fixtures.

What can you expect from your new construction cleaning team?

smiling woman in yellow gloves and apron with spray bottles

Most will work off a basic checklist, including some or all of the following items:-Clean up of all paint stains from walls, carpet, floors, and fixtures

-Remove smudges from mirrors, glass, faucets, and reflective surfaces

-Dust the shelving

-Make sure that hard to reach surfaces like the tops of cabinets, or hidden corners, don’t hide any nasty surprises

-Remove wood shavings, adhesive stickers, and unnecessary sealants

-Empty trash cans, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly

-Clean exteriors

-Not overlooking small details like door hinges and light switches in the cleaning process

It’s often the tiny details that matter most. Think of your commercial cleaning process as being one that will stand up to the scrutiny of the most critical, cleanliness-obsessed, eagle-eyed member of your family.

That’s about the level of perfection you need from the professionals.


Other benefits of a quality commercial clean:

-It will make your new home or business look the way you hoped it would in your imagination

-Because cleaners have to get up close and personal with your fixtures, walls, cabinets, fittings, and accessories, they will be able to see little flaws that might elude your cursory inspection

-A new construction cleaning team will be able to certify that your building has met all hygiene and health standards

Be patient

welcome mat that says 'home sweet home' surrounded by unpacked boxes and a couple in tennis shoes

When you move in, you want to be ready to hit the ground running. Your clients will be impressed by your new, gleaming, fit for all purposes premises, and won’t be put off by unsightly smears on the windows, or ugly stains on the carpet. Instead, they will get to enjoy a welcoming office, showroom, or establishment that radiates the message that your company cares for its clients and customers.

And if it’s your new home, even better! Take photos on your first day (before you start moving your possessions in) and show them to the kids in the future, when they insist that their room is clean. “This,” you can tell them, “is my expectation of a clean room.”

Because once you move in, you own the mess. Once you’re in, there’s no way that you blame the builders for the spots on the ceilings, the mess on the mirrors that won’t come off no matter how much you scrub, or the stains on the skirting boards. So it’s best to start from a completely (and literally) clean slate.

Call in the professionals

a commercial cleaning service doing new construction cleaning

This new home or business is your investment in your future, and you don’t want to waste that investment by skipping what you might consider being the small things. Cleaning up after the builders have finished is a job that needs thorough doing, and the professional cleaners at TLC know what is involved, to do proper justice to the job in hand.

Safety first

Staying safe while cleaning up is critical. Exposure to chemicals, dust, and other construction materials needs to be managed safely. Professional cleaners know to follow OSHA guidelines and regulations when it comes to the post-construction tidy-up.

Save on unnecessary expenses

The equipment alone needed for a proper commercial clean is a formidable list. Given that this is probably the only time in your life that you will be moving into a freshly built home or office, why would you want to invest in the extensive range of tools and machinery needed to perform a dedicated clean? Leave that to those whose job it is to provide new construction cleaning services.

Make the call

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Get your home, business premises, or showroom thoroughly, professionally cleaned, and tidied up before you move in. Arrange a consultation with TLC Fargo’s experts on new construction cleaning. It’s an investment you can’t afford not to make.

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