Spring Clean Dream: A Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning

The nights are getting less frigid, and the days have more and more sunshine. There are tiny buds on the trees, and birds are singing. That means that spring is just around the corner. It’s time to say goodbye to winter blues and cabin fever. It’s time to welcome spring…cleaning!

Wait, what? You want to get outdoors and fly a kite or sniff the flowers. You don’t want to clean your closets and wash your windows. Whose brilliant idea was spring cleaning, anyway? Probably someone who had too much time on their hands. Certainly not a modern mom who doesn’t sing while doing laundry or have little birds land on her fingertips.

Even if you don’t want to tackle spring cleaning, you dream about having it finished. Who doesn’t want a sparkling house free of clutter? It’s the journey to get there that can be the problem, both in terms of motivation and time.

We’ve got your TLC Spring Cleaning Guide that will help you get down to business and defeat the dust. Soon you’ll be outdoors enjoying the breezy sunshine and smelling the roses, not under a kerchief wielding a mop.

We won’t talk about all the mud your kids will bring in from their springtime romps in the puddles. For now, we’re going to focus on making your dream of a clean home a reality. At least for a little while, anyway, while the kids are asleep and the dog is outside. So let’s do it.

Step One: Clutter Be Gone!

It’s a lot easier to clean when there isn’t stuff everywhere. We know that clutter is a beast that is hard to banish. It seems to reproduce overnight and find its way into every area of your home. The backpack mail your child’s school sends to infect your home. Craft supplies you purchased on sale but never organized. Stacks of bills and odds and ends that don’t have a permanent home. Clutter can take over your life.

Try this process. Commit yourself to de-cluttering for a set time period, and then reward yourself with wine night or a hot bath. Ok, sounds good so far. You had me at wine. But how to de-clutter can be a problem. We recommend that you choose a specific area of the house to de-clutter, such as the living room or kitchen. Then sort your belongings into four categories: trash, donate or sell, store, or put-away.

Be judicious! You don’t have to decide if an item sparks joy, but you do need to determine if it’s something you are ever going to use again. Get a little ruthless. Clothes that are too small, out-of-style, or damaged need to go. You can’t keep every drawing your child created, so choose a few special ones and let the rest go. Digitize them by taking pictures of the artwork to make it easier to part with the originals. Getting stuff out of your home can feel super liberating as if an actual weight has been lifted.

What should you do with all the extraneous items? Consider taking them to a local consignment store, holding a garage sale (spring is great for those), listing them online, or donating them to a charitable organization. Vacuum pack your out-of-season clothing before putting it in storage to save more space.

Step Two: Involve the Family

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not your job alone, no matter what the advertisements of the 1950s said. The family that cleans together stays together. When mom is happy, the family is happy. Everyone in the home helps make messes, so everyone needs to help clean them up.

Turn on some music and gamify the goals. Put a reward at the end of a cleaning gauntlet and dare your children to finish a clean-up job under a deadline. Dance while doing dishes. Mock the dirt and grime you are conquering. Make it fun and mandatory.

Step Three: One Room At A Time

Looking at the laundry list of items on a spring cleaning checklist can feel overwhelming. It’s enough to make you want to return to winter hibernation. But the only way out is through, so let’s do this. How? Focus on one room at a time. Seriously. Don’t worry about the other spaces. Just devote your full attention to a specific area.

When you finish that room, reward yourself! Take a walk outside, go to a fitness class, indulge in a sweet treat, get a pedicure, or go window shopping. Breaking up the monumental task of spring cleaning makes it more achievable, and you can see the results. Having one clean room will motivate you to do the rest.

Make checklists for each room, so you know what to do, and so you can divide and conquer. Give a portion of the list to your spouse and children, while you project manage and hit your marks.

Step Four: Tackle the Seasonal Stuff First

Between daily cleaning, weekly or monthly cleaning, and the seasonal tasks that comes with spring cleaning, the list can be quite long. Do not feel you have to tick every item off the list. Feel free to skip things you cleaned recently. Or things that you will do again soon as part of a monthly rotation. Or things you can hand off when your cleaning service arrives to assist. For spring cleaning, focus on areas that have been neglected or need a deep cleaning. Some good examples are:

  • Baseboards and trim
  • Window sills and interiors
  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Blinds and window treatments
  • Coffee makers, microwave, and other small appliances
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Behind and under major appliances, such as stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer
  • Gas grill

Step Five: Get Some Help

Repeat this mantra: “I don’t have to do the spring cleaning all by myself.”

If enlisting the help of your family has reached its limits, then it’s time to call in the spring cleaner pros. At TLC Cleaning, we’re moms, too. We know what it’s like! Our professional staff is well-paid, well-trained, and ready to spruce up your home for spring. You love coming home to a sparkling house that smells and looks clean and bright. Let TLC Cleaning help your spring clean dream come true.

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