What’s Included in a Maid Service


Your home is your castle, but let’s face it, cleaning that castle is no fairy tale. If only we could wave the magic wand and have it all done, and done well, why wouldn’t we? Unfortunately, that is not reality, which means you have to clean your own castle…OR bring in TLC Cleaning Fargo to do the dirty work for you.

Whether it’s a deep cleaning of your house, new construction cleaning, or realtor cleaning, no job is too big or small for TLC Cleaning Fargo. Contact TLC Cleaning to find out how they can make your life easier in just one call.

General Housekeeping Services include:

Housekeeping Services

TLC Cleaning Fargo has many services to offer, but the most frequently requested service is the Basic Cleaning Package. And why wouldn’t it be? With this package, you will come home to find your house spick and span without lifting a finger.

All the surfaces will be scrubbed clean, including sinks, toilets, and tubs. The floors, counters, cupboard, and more will be ready for your next dinner party. The carpets will be vacuumed, the pillows fluffed, and all the shelves with decorations dusted. Everything tidy and cleansed.

But this is just the beginning. TLC Cleaning, your cleaning experts, offer so much more!

What to Expect in a Deep Cleaning of a House

Housekeeping Services

Need deep cleaning of your house? TLC Cleaning has a special 7 Hour Deep Cleaning Package to handle even the biggest jobs. They contract for seven full hours of deep cleaning in your house with options for between two and five cleaners. The more work, the more people they can supply.

Let’s go over some of the impressive extra services that you get with the deep cleaning package. They will, of course, do all the necessary surface cleaning such as floors and counters and bathrooms. But pulling a refrigerator out and washing the floor beneath and the wall behind is something you don’t always see in basic cleaning. TLC Cleaning will wet wash the baseboards and the door frames that also tend to get neglected. Grimy fingerprints and cobwebby corners will be gone!

TLC Cleaning will go above and beyond when they have been asked to do a deep cleaning of your house. Even the inside and outside of your washer and dryer will be spotless! They will clean everything possible in the seven-hour time frame.

Make sure you request the right amount of cleaners to get the job done. If there is extra time, they don’t stop cleaning. With the remaining time, they will clean your windows and spot clean your walls. When they have finished the job, you will be amazed at how thorough the cleaning service was. No job is too nasty for them to tackle!

What About Realtor Cleaning Service?

Cleaning Service

Realtor cleaning service is often referred to as a final Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Service. You are so busy worrying about all the details involved with moving and don’t need the hassle of doing a final cleaning before you leave. Even cleaning your new place before you move in can be a real pain for that matter. Who needs that?

Why not let TLC Cleaning make this process painless for you. They will clean your new digs before you move your household goods into your new house. Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning when all you want to do is get into your new place and start unpacking.

On the flip side, you are so done with your last place that staying behind and cleaning after you’ve moved your things out can be over-the-top. Why go through that stress? If TLC Cleaning can take this burden from you, then you can enjoy the process of moving as it should be… Hassle Free!

New Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

One of the most challenging jobs to clean up after is new construction. You are all ready to move into your new house or business, but as you look around you realize the construction crew clearly does not clean! They do THEIR speciality… construction, not cleaning.

You certainly want the place to be spotless before the final inspection. The last thing you need on your plate as you prepare to move is a dirty place. Let TLC Cleaning Fargo do the heavy lifting with their New Construction Cleaning Package. They have a reputation for painstaking attention to detail.

Not only will they do all the basic cleaning, but they will go beyond the surface dirt and clean in the hard to get to places that collect construction dust. It’s easy to neglect ceiling lights and fan fixtures as they are up high and not in your line of sight. TLC will not overlook the hidden areas such as these. They will get inside of cupboards and closets, up high, down low…they will do it all.

New construction cleaning is no problem for TLC Cleaning. When you show up, it will better than new. It will be new AND clean.

Relax – We Got Your Back!


This is what TLC Cleaning Fargo does for a living. They definitely have your back. They are thorough, professional, and capable of handling anything you send their way. With 35 employees on their staff, they will be able to help you solve your cleaning problems with ease.

Trisha Lake, the founder, and owner of TLC Cleaning Fargo says “Our company is about giving time back to our clients and that is the most precious gift you can give. We give them time to enjoy their children, time to enjoy their spouse and time to enjoy their aging parents. Time is something you can never get back.”

I don’t think you can say it any better than that. Time is what you need, and giving time back to you is something TLC Cleaning can do for you. Give TLC Cleaning Fargo a call. They are ready to help you spend your time on the things that really matter to you, and not spend it cleaning. TLC is here to make your life easier and better.

Contact them today!

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