A bucket filled with house cleaning tools.

How to Clean Your House Cleaning Tools

Tools can only work if they are maintained and kept in top shape. It may seem redundant, but house cleaning tools are no different.  To clean your home, you need to have house cleaning tools that are also clean and in good shape. If dusters, mops, and cleaning machines aren’t kept up, they can

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A women holding a large clock in front of her face symbolizing how to clean a room in 5 minutes.

Learn How to Clean a Room in 5 Minutes

The text pops up saying, “I will be stopping over to drop something off. See you in about 5 minutes.” Panic immediately sets in as you look around your house. Your house looks like a disaster due to working from home, kids everywhere, and no time to clean! You realize that you don’t know

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Red nail polish tipped over and spilled on to carpet.

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

The worst thing imaginable just happened; you spilled nail polish on your carpet while painting your nails. You start to panic and think, “how do I get nail polish out of the carpet?”.  Nail polish, no matter what color, is one of those things that make your heart palpitate when you think of the

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Someone wearing a yellow rubber cleaning glove using a sponge on crayon on the walls.

How to Get Crayon Off the Walls

“I don’t know how to get crayon off the walls!” is typically something every parent finds themselves wailing at some point in their child’s toddlerhood (and beyond!) We get it—you come home from work, your littles meet you at the door radiating pride at their artwork for the day. You follow them through the

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A sparkling clean glass stovetop

How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

For most of us, cleaning the house is not a favorite pastime. However, when you are the proud owner of a glass stovetop, it becomes more important. Learning how to clean a glass stovetop should not make your knees knock.  Why bother with glass? They are so much more pretty! There aren’t the metal

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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

You go to your kitchen sink for a glass of water, and suddenly a swarm of pesky fruit flies appears swirling around your head. How do you get rid of the fruit flies? You may hope tossing the overripe or rotting fruit will solve the problem, but there are additional steps you should take.

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A person holding a showerhead on a yellow background

How to Clean a Shower Head

What do you do when you want to feel squeaky clean?0 Hop in the shower! For most of us, a long, hot shower is the height of luxury and offers that all-important me-time.  But, before you drift off in a lather of sweet shampoo, consider this; when was the last time you cleaned your

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Someone wearing a pink glove cleaning baseboards with a microfiber cloth

How to Clean Baseboards

You’ve lost your remote for the TV again; while you’re on all fours looking for it, you look over and go “ew.” Yep, dirty baseboards. Baseboards are one of the most frequently overlooked places within the home. Knowing how to clean baseboards is an often-overlooked skill, but let me tell you, those things are

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A clean stainless steel sink

Like New: How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

One of those satisfying adulting things is having a gleaming and clean stainless steel sink. It looks high-end and makes the kitchen look that much better. That is until it turns cloudy from daily fingerprints and grime. That can definitely take the wind out of your sails.  TLC Cleaning can help with that. We

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