Someone wearing a pink glove cleaning baseboards with a microfiber cloth

How to Clean Baseboards

You’ve lost your remote for the TV again; while you’re on all fours looking for it, you look over and go “ew.” Yep, dirty baseboards. Baseboards are one of the most frequently overlooked places within the home. Knowing how to clean baseboards is an often-overlooked skill, but let me tell you, those things are

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A clean stainless steel sink

Like New: How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

One of those satisfying adulting things is having a gleaming and clean stainless steel sink. It looks high-end and makes the kitchen look that much better. That is until it turns cloudy from daily fingerprints and grime. That can definitely take the wind out of your sails.  TLC Cleaning can help with that. We

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a woman praying in her hall closet

5 Hall Closet Organization Tips

Hall closets may be small, but oh boy, are they mighty. We stuff these compact spaces with coats, scarves, towels, shoes, sporting equipment—and so much more. The cleaning and organizing a hall closet is an enormous task that we don’t always have (or want to make) the time for. Located in Fargo, North Dakota,

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Cleaning with TLC: Your partner in sanitation during COVID-19

In a recent blog post, we discussed the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Now with COVID-19 having that information is even more critical. At TLC Cleaning, we have always practiced high-standards of safe practices while cleaning our clients’ homes and businesses. Since the many ‘shelter in place’ orders across the country have gone into

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Why Robot Vacuums Can’t Beat Traditional Vacuuming

We all love those little gadgets in our lives that make life easier. As years have gone by, tools for cleaning have seen some major upgrades. One device that stands out, in particular, is robotic vacuums. While convenient and incredibly cool, they just aren’t the same as traditional upright vacuums with bags or canisters.

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How Often You Should Really Be Dusting Your Home

There are plenty of other household tasks that are harder or messier than dusting. But unlike other chores, dusting is one of the only ones that can irritate allergies and make folks sneeze. It also seems never-ending, causing many people to wonder: how often should I be dusting? When it comes to household chores,

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What Everyone Forgets to Clean in Their Homes

So, you just finished your regular cleaning chores – the bathroom is sparkly clean, your kitchen is spotless, and your living room is dust-free. The reality is your home may not be as clean as you think. There may be quite a few things you forget to clean in your house. If the thought

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