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TLC Cleaning of Detroit Lakes proudly keeps our neighbor’s homes and businesses sparkling. Our team at TLC not only loves what we do, but we love what we can provide to our clients.

We offer the one thing money can not buy; time. When you invite us into your home, you enjoy the pure luxury of having more time with your family, working on that project, traveling, or whatever calls you away from dusting, mopping, and vacuuming.

We provide our family of clients with this precious resource of time with a variety of services, all geared to make your home and business run smoothly and stay hygienic.

Our services include

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Residential Cleaning :

The comings and goings of a family, kids, guests, animals, and all the pieces that make your house a home also create all kinds of dirt and dust.

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New Construction Cleaning:

Let us thoroughly clean your new home or business to ease the transition.

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Commercial Cleaning:

Your office is the face of your business, and no one wants to have a dirty face great them at the door.

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Move In/Move Out Cleaning:

You have enough on your plate without trying to clean your home for new buyers or worse, moving into a new house that you need to clean before unpacking.

TLC Cleaning maintains a 98% customer satisfaction rating and a huge reason we can keep this is our unique business approach. Many cleaning companies will do all they can to close the sale. We see things a little differently. We genuinely do look at our clients as puzzle pieces, instead of a payday, and sometimes it is not a great fit. We do this to ensure that the clients who invite us into their home feel comfortable and confident in our work. 
If you, your family, or your business is in need of more time, we would love to see how you fit into the puzzle! Give TLC Cleaning a call for a free estimate and let us create a restful, clean space for you to enjoy your day-to-day.

What Our Client Says!

Deb Edward

I am so pleased with the cleaning that Marius does for us! Love the service and really appreciate our cleaner. I recommend this service highly.

5 stars 960w

Virginia Johnson

Mariya did a great job today. We were surprised to have someone new, but just as pleased with the job she did for us.

5 stars 960w

Mary Dewald

Kaitlyn does a great job at our lake home! I love how clean it is and her special touches! Would definitely recommend!

5 stars 960w

Kari Wendt

TLC Cleaning did an excellent job! My bathrooms shine and look so nice. Thank you.

5 stars 960w

Ryan Knoll

TLC Cleaning is awesome. Great people, great customer service and all around great home cleaning services.

5 stars 960w

Lindsay Royer

Ashlee does an amazing job! She goes above and beyond to make sure my home looks beautiful. Would definitely recommend her.

5 stars 960w