These 7 Chores for Kids Let You Delegate the Housework




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Kids emptying the dishwasher. Emptying the dishwasher is a good chores for kids.

If your kids whine and complain about having nothing to do, we have some ideas for you. Check out our list of chores for kids to learn responsibility around the house.

Children of the new generation are often perceived as lazy or lacking the work ethic of the older crowd. Screen time and new technology have children often spending a lot of time on their own, stuck inside. 

Despite this, our children definitely can be hard workers. There are several age-appropriate chores that can help build essential habits and skills that will last them a lifetime. 

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1. Cleaning Produce

A toddler sitting on a counter washing produce.

Having your kids get hands-on with all of the work that goes into meal preparation is really beneficial. Washing fruits and vegetables doesn’t involve hazards like knives or hot stoves, so very young kids can participate. 

With the younger kids, this can help promote their fine motor skills. You can also introduce them to bigger words as their vocabulary grows, like ‘cucumber’ or ‘asparagus.’ 

Even when you’re busy meal prepping, you can use this time to quiz them on the different colors of foods. 

School-age kids will be familiar with the kitchen and become more independent at an earlier age. Being in the kitchen will teach them the necessary steps to prepare themselves snacks or meals down the line. 

2. One Of The Best Chores For Kids: Cleaning Up Toys

A mom and child cleaning up toys together.

Another example of simple tasks for a very young child is picking up their toys after they’re done playing. As they develop hand-eye coordination, make sure you don’t get stuck in the habit of tidying up for them. 

Teaching them to clean from the very beginning automatically reduces your workload. It also shows toddlers that nobody else will swoop in to clean up the mess they created. 

Even though toddlers might not be able to do it all themselves, you can take advantage of their enthusiasm. Their positive attitude will enforce the idea that this is not a punishment but can actually be a great time.

We don’t want our children associating chores with punishment. Instead, you’re giving kids a valuable lesson about important life skills.

CEO Trisha Lake has this to say,  “I always recommend having a set number of chores per day before they can play. Then have a list of chores they can do.”

3. Cleaning Baseboards

A small blonde toddler using a cleaning bucket and gettign ready o clean baseboards.

Mama, is your back hurting from constantly bending over trying to clean those hard-to-reach places? It’s ok to take advantage of your kids being smaller than you and have them help you out.

You can spray the baseboards ahead of time and give your preschool-age kid a wet washcloth to wipe everything down. Click here for more tips to help get your baseboards clean.

4. Taking Care Of Pets

A boy taking care of his pet iguana by feeding him.

Pets are something every child seems to want. Naturally, the care of that pet belongs on your list of chores for kids. 

How many times have you heard the dreaded phrase, “Mom, can we get another puppy?” Taking care of animals is important, and it’s great to show children aged 5-6 what this responsibility looks like. 

Have kids scoop their dog food both morning and night. Make it a priority that the kids feed their pets before sitting down for breakfast and dinner. 

Even kids who aren’t tall enough to reach the sink to refill the water bowl can help. Have them check and let you know when it needs to be replenished. 

If your backyard is fenced, have your school-age child let the dog out on a schedule.

5. Yard Work

Two small children watering flowers. Yard work is one of many great chores for kids.

Outdoor chores for children can be fun, or they can be absolutely boring. 

Do you remember picking up leaves in the fall as a child and how it seemed to drag on forever? Picking up leaves is not a one-man project and is typically done by the whole family. 

An older child (7-9) will learn the importance of teamwork, which will benefit them both at home and at school. Show your appreciation for a job well done, so they don’t wind up dreading this type of work.

Believe it or not, yard work can also be enjoyable. 

Kids can explore the basic pleasures of playing with both water and dirt. This can vary from planting seeds to watering flowers or even pulling weeds. 

6. Washing The Car

A family of four washing their red van.

Take a sunny afternoon and get your children set up with a bucket of water, some soap, and a sponge. Get some good jams playing on the speaker, and kids aged 10-12 can successfully wash the car. 

Road trips are an absolute blast for children in this age group. 

Still, cars have to be adequately maintained for them to function correctly. Having kids wash the car by hand will open their eyes to the idea of car maintenance.

7. Help Paying The Bills

A mom teaching her young daughter baout money and how to budget

You might’ve read this one and thought, “there’s no way my child is chipping in to keep the lights on.” Luckily for you, that’s not quite what we were referring to. 

In schools, kids are taught things like Algebra and essay writing. Still, many don’t know how to balance a checkbook upon graduation. 

Financial knowledge is something we as parents must take responsibility for in terms of educating the next generation. Sit down with your teenager and show them the process of how bills get paid. 

They will be able to use this skill as soon as they move out, or maybe even before. Basic budgeting is also a helpful skill, especially if teens have a part-time job. 

Now That You Have Some Ideas, It’s Time To Delegate Those Chores For Kids

A daighter and dad working together to clean their kitchen

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