Simplify Summer Cleaning to Reduce the Summer Hustle

Summer is coming, and if you’re a family with children, that means you’re about to have a houseful of kids 24/7. That also means their toys and sports equipment and dirty clothes will be all around too.

A person creating a weekly cleaning schedule for their home on a clipboard.

A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That’s Quick and Easy

A weekly cleaning schedule is the best investment of time you can make to manage all your overwhelming tasks and chores. If you can organize the cleaning process, the messes will feel more manageable. Here are some helpful tips for creating a cleaning schedule that is quick and easy.

Here is Your Spring Cleaning Checklist from TLC

In general, spring cleaning is a type of deep cleaning or annual cleaning. These are the items you don’t have to do every week or even monthly. Decluttering is best to do with your cleaning regimen. Join our blog for more cleaning tips.