How Using a Cleaning Schedule Can Keep Your Home at its Best




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Cleaning your home can feel a lot like therapy. Cleaning is named as one of the top active stress relievers.

So, if you put the task that way, putting together a busy cleaning schedule could be your therapy session  If you’re running short on timing, always feel free to call TLC Cleaning for your home cleaning needs. That’s what we call, “thinking positively!”

However, personal health and well being isn’t the only reason for putting together a cleaning schedule for your home is essential! Keeping things tidy also helps maintain your home; keep it at its best.

And if you keep an honest program, you can work your way down the list, stay true to your day, and get things done feeling truly accomplished.

Quick note: This article may or may not have you scribbling down a cleaning schedule and jumping off the couch to get cleaning! Or, it might encourage you to crave a snack and a nap. Either way, win/win!

How Often Should You Clean?

By the time spring cleaning rolls around, it’s easy to wonder “when was the last time I cleaned this house?” The winter feels long gone, and you don’t remember when you dusted behind the television.

So, how much should you be getting out the cleaning supplies? Once a week? A few times a month? Here and there once a day?

First of all, if spring comes around and you haven’t cleaned since Christmas, that might be a bit of a problem. Harmful bacteria can fester around your home if you’re not cleaning on the regular.

Need another reason to get that cleaning schedule tip-top shape for a routine cleaning? We don’t think so!

To make it easy, please see the below list covering how often you should clean each of the core items in your home:

Bedding: Try to wash your bedding once a week. You spend a good chunk of your life in your bed, so think about all dandruff and sweat and grossness that is happening there. You can air dry your duvet (fresh spring air dry sheets are the best).

But, we recommend drying your pillowcase to kill the most harmful bacteria.

Lampshades, other various accessories: Clean/dust accessories on your shelves and lampshades every three months. Using a lint roller for the lampshades and a simple duster for the rest will work great.

Dishwasher: Clean out your dishwasher once a month. Take out the racks and soak them in soapy water. White vinegar is an excellent cleaner for this, so place on the top shelf and run the machine at the hottest cycle.

Every other cycle or so, it’s essential to rinse off the detergent drawers as well. Upkeep is important!

Refrigerator: Clean your fridge once every six months with a fresh cloth and soapy water.

Appliances (i.e., washing machine, microwave, oven): A toaster or a microwave should get cleaned once a week. It’s vital to clean places foods are cooked often. A stove should be cleaned every six months using a deep-cleaning spray.

Curtains: Curtains are an interesting one, they aren’t always on top of the cleaning list. But, they’re still relevant! Every three months will do for a quick washing machine rinse.

Laptop keyboard: This one might surprise you. Tend to clean this once a week. Use compressed air to get the dust out of the tight spots. A sanitizing wipe will take care of the rest. Laptops are like cell phones; they’re used all the time and need to get clean.

Toilet: Clean your bathroom once a week. Fun fact: toilets seem like the grimiest thing in the house, but they’re not. Harmful bacteria are hanging out on dish clothes and chopping boards (yuck).

Be sure to clean those once a week too! A good once over toilet wipe with a sanitizing cloth and bowl cleaning will do just fine.

Put Together Your Cleaning Schedule

Day by Day Cleaning Schedule

Now, it’s time to put together a little cleaning schedule action! We’ve put together a mock cleaning schedule for the week of our own below, and we hope this helps you fill in your own!

Monday (Simplify):
 Start with decluttering. Spend an hour putting things in garbage bags. Go through the fridge and rid of leftovers. Clean out your closet with a few items for the Goodwill or go through the mail that’s been waiting for your attention.

Tuesday (Tidy Up): This is the day for dusting! Now that you’ve decluttered slightly take this time to dust the surfaces and wipe things with fresh soap and water.

Wednesday (Deep Clean the Tough Stuff): Wednesday is the day for toilets and sinks and the not-so-fun-stuff. Get the white vinegar out and take care of the dishwasher, microwave, and bathroom.

Thursday (Bedding and Curtains): We’re getting closer to the weekend, so what better time to freshen up the sheets!

Friday (Organize): Take this time to organize anything that has been stressing you out. Maybe it’s the linen closet. Perhaps it’s the sock drawer. Organizing on a Friday is a lovely way to release some clutter stress before going into the weekend quickly.

Saturday (Final Touches): You have the afternoon to put some final touches on your cleaning schedule. Think to vacuum and mop the kitchen floors.

Sunday: rest. Enjoy the clean home. Make a tasty dinner. Take a nap randomly. Invite friends over for the game night. Your home is clean, and you deserve it!

Remember, this cleaning schedule should stay true to whatever works best for your routine and home. So, feel free to move some days or chores around!

Call TLC Cleaning Today

Let the Professionals at TLC Cleaning Keep Your Home Clean

We understand that cleaning your home takes time and effort, and time is one of our most significant values. That’s why cleaning schedules are so ideal! TLC Cleaning is always here to help with your cleaning schedule needs.

If you need to free up some time on that cleaning schedule, too crucial on the valuable things in life, call TLC Cleaning today.

That way, you can spend more time with your family, sipping wine on the patio with good friends, or cooking some new, fresh meals in your clean and spacious kitchen. That’s on us!

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