Why Your Office Needs a Commercial Cleaning Service




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Are you an employer who wants to keep productivity high and ensure that your staff stay healthy, happy, and focused on the job they’re paid to do? Then you need to invest in the professional commercial cleaning services offered by TLC Cleaning Fargo.

Why does a business need professional cleaners?

Picture the scene. It’s your colleague Sally’s retirement function. Sally has been there forever. She has been the surrogate mom, most experienced team member, and the person who can always be counted on to find a solution to every problem or issue.

And now it’s time for Sally to retire. You all love her, so get together to give her a fitting send-off. So, you all get together and decide to cook her a farewell lunch. You bring in food from home or use the nearest oven for cooking your special savory dish.

Sally has a great time, cries a bit during the speeches, and tells everyone they shouldn’t have spent so much on the farewell gift. All in all, it’s a happy occasion.

people celebrating at an office party

Then Sally walks out into retirement land, and about then, you start to notice – hey, there’s a bit of a mess to clean up. And suddenly remember that the person who could always be counted on to tidy up after events like this has just retired.

Everyone avoids eye contact with that mass of dirty dishes, crumbs on the floor, the spilled drinks, and the pile of half-eaten leftovers.

Someone has to clean the mess up, and when you realize “someone” is you. You start grumbling under your breath about how you’re not everyone’s mother. You ask yourself, why are you the one stuck doing the cleaning, and when are we going to get a proper commercial cleaning service?

Bam! Right there! That’s your solution!

Every office, every workplace, every place of business looks, and feels, at its best when everything in it is clean and tidy.

There might be employees who don’t mind working in untidy surroundings or are prepared to tidy up after themselves. But when there are so many benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning service, why wouldn’t you want to utilize those benefits in your place of work?

Take a closer look at what you will get when you hire the professionals.

A professional, thorough clean every time.

person holding blue cleaning bucket with yellow glove on
If you expect to start each day in a workplace that gleams with cleanliness, then you may be out of luck unless you hire a professional. No matter how keen your co-workers or employees may be to keep their surroundings tidy, they aren’t experts. The trained, efficient cleaners who work for TLC are experienced in getting into those hard-to-reach places, cleaning up that stubborn stain, and leaving your carpet so clean that you would swear you only replaced it yesterday.

Those tough jobs get done.

a man and woman cleaning the lens of the camera taking the picture
It is tempting to think about getting your existing employees to do the cleaning, and who knows, they might even do a reasonable job of straightforward cleaning like vacuuming, doing dishes, wiping down surfaces, and the regular stuff. But will any of them clean the windows, shampoo the carpet, clear out the air vents, or do a proper “deodorize”? If the answer is “probably not,” then you need to hire professionals to do these tough tasks for you.

A healthier environment.

a gloved hand wiping an office desk
 In 2014, CBS News released a study that showed how surfaces harboring nasty bugs could infect half of your staff within a few hours. Damp, humid air can lead to mold and mildew, and once it takes hold, it is hard to remove. Regular professional cleaning and sterilizing of risk areas will not just keep these unsanitary problems at bay, but also reduce the chances of your employees picking up nasty illnesses or bugs.

The best look for your clients.

man shaking the hand of a woman at a business meeting
What would your potentials customers think if they walked into your store, office, bar, or workplace and saw a messy, dirty floor, tables or desks strewn with litter, or odorous, unemptied trash bins? Odds are, they will turn around and leave as fast as possible. A clean, appealing workplace shows that you care about what you do and that you value your customers’ time and business.

 A better staff environment.

a picture of happy office staff
As well as promoting a healthy physical environment, keeping your workplace clean and tidy is more likely to appeal to your employees. In a study conducted by the UK-based Warwick University, economists found that employees are 12% more productive if they are happy and healthy. Satisfied employees are motivated, spend more time doing the job they’re paid for, and are less likely to be absent without good reason.

After-hours service.

a cleaner wiping down a keyboard on a company desk
It can be incredibly distracting, trying to work when everywhere there’s a mess. The beauty of a professional cleaning service is that your cleaners come in outside of your standard working window, making sure that every day, your employees start work in a clean, tidy, healthy workspace. It’s like the story of the elves and the shoemaker – you never see them, but you know you can count on them to make your workplace as pleasant as possible for you and your staff.

Need more convincing?

You don’t want to trust one of your most valuable assets (after your employees) to just anyone. But over 3000 happy customers can’t be wrong. And if you want the perfect gift for your fellow business owners, why not give them a gift card, so they, too, can benefit from TLC’s services?

What are you waiting for?

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Don’t hesitate. Schedule with TLC Fargo and hire a commercial cleaning service. Let the team provide you with a free online estimate to find out how a professional commercial cleaning service is the best investment you can make for your business.

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