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woman smiling and cleaning mirror

Having a clean bathroom is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. A dirty bathroom is a huge turnoff, not only for yourself but for any guest.

There is nothing worse than sitting on a dirty toilet seat or looking at someone else’s hair stuck to the walls while you shower. Having fresh towels and a gleaming sink basin, on the other hand, makes you feel relaxed as you get ready for your day.

There are many tasks in life that we love to procrastinate on: calling 1-800 numbers, donating old clothes you don’t wear anymore, canceling that gym membership you never use, and the list goes on.

But there is one activity that even the highest functioning people have a hard time mustering the energy for–cleaning the bathroom.

a person shining a sink faucet

The bathroom has a nasty habit of getting dirty very quickly because it is, of course, where you do your dirty work. To save your precious time and energy, schedule with TLC Fargo and hire a recurring cleaning service today. We appreciate that your time is better spent doing things you love, so let us take care of you and your home!

Our friendly staff will clean your house until it’s immaculate. We strive to be both thorough and swift, and we always exceed our clients’ expectations. Stay sane and happy in a sparkling home.

You will be shocked at home much time you save once you book your professional cleanings at TLC Cleaning. Until we arrive at your doorstep, check out these handy tips and tricks on how to painlessly clean your bathroom.

Start from Top to Bottom

woman cleaning walls with a blue towel

So, gravity, am I right? Beginning by mopping the floor of your bathroom is, of course, a rookie mistake. By the time you are finished with your countertops and sink, the floor will be a wreck again.

Begin by spraying the corners of the high walls with cleaning spray and wipe down debris from there. In the tub, remember to take full advantage of your sprayer by aiming it high. You can use a duster or Swiffer to wipe down the wet walls in places you can’t reach.

Once the walls are spotless, clean the bottom of the tub, the countertops, and sink. Move your way to the toilet, and finally, mop the floors last.

Miracle Citrus

woman holding round lemon slices to her eyes

Lemons are not just good for iced tea or cocktails! Citrus cleans well, removes bacteria, and leaves a pleasant smell. You can make your detergent at home using lemons and water by merely discarding your used lemons into a large jar, filling with water, and letting it sit for a few days.

You can also rub lemons over stained chrome fixtures to get rid of water stains. These annoying spots should disappear instantly.

Lemon juice can be used to clean practically anything, especially when combined with vinegar and water. It has powerful stripping properties that loosen calcium deposits, dissolve grease, and lift grime. Of course, once you’re done cleaning the bathroom, they make a perfect garnish for that much-deserved cocktail.

Use Black Tea for a Shining Mirror

a woman on a pink background drinking iced tea

If your mirror sometimes gets so bad that you can’t see what you actually look like before leaving the house, try this unlikely solution: black tea.

Black tea has tannic acid, which will dissolve dirt and other debris, keeping you from seeing your pretty self. Just make a generous pot of black tea, bring to a boil, and let cool.

Using a funnel, pour the cooled tea into a spray bottle and use it to clean mirrors and reflective surfaces. By using natural alternatives to traditional cleaning supplies, we cut down on the number of harsh chemicals in our homes and save money all at once!

Chuck Hair in the Trash Can Instead of the Sink

someone holding a full black trash bag

We all have hair, no matter how long. And no matter how silky, styled, or beautiful, it has a way of being very inconvenient once removed from your head.

Hair can get stuck to shower walls, sink basins, and floor. You can use gloves to pick this hair up, but don’t flush it down the toilet or let it slide down the drain. This can cause serious plumbing issues that could eventually cost you hundreds of dollars to hire a plumber.

Instead, wrap the hair in a piece of toilet paper and throw it in the trash can. Don’t take your pipes for granted! You never know when they may become too clogged to work, and then you will have a nastier mess than hair could ever provide.

Toilet Tips

someone in yellow rubber gloves cleaning a toilet

Within the unpleasant task of bathroom cleaning, cleaning the toilet takes the cake for the worst chore. To ease the grossness, let your toilet bowl cleaner sit in the bowl for 30-45 minutes before scrubbing. That way, the stains will come off without a whole lot of effort.

An alternative for toilet bowl solution is, believe it or not, mouthwash. With just a quarter cup of breath freshener poured directly into the toilet bowl, you will be surprised at how quickly it is restored to its original porcelain.

For those hard-to-reach places behind your toilet, use a screwdriver to reach under the tank and in the nooks. Wrap a disinfectant wipe around the head of the screwdriver and scrub away. This tip makes for an easy clean-up, too! Just discard the wipe and return the screwdriver to the toolbox!

Or Change Your Life With TLC Cleaning

a cleaning service worker smiling and holding cleaning supplies

If you are sick of scrubbing, brushing, and getting grossed out by a dirty bathroom, leave the mess to us! Your time is important, and we understand that. Let us make your life easier.

We look forward to booking your regular appointments for deep full-house cleaning or a more specific cleaning of carpets and area rugs. At TLC Cleaning, we can do it all, so you don’t have to!

Reduce stress and feel good about the state of your home. Schedule with TLC Fargo and hire a recurring cleaning service today that will completely change your life, leaving you stress-free and with more time to spend time with your loved ones.

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