5 Hall Closet Organization Tips

a woman praying in her hall closet

Hall closets may be small, but oh boy, are they mighty. We stuff these compact spaces with coats, scarves, towels, shoes, sporting equipment—and so much more. The cleaning and organizing a hall closet is an enormous task that we don’t always have (or want to make) the time for.

Located in Fargo, North Dakota, TLC Cleaning will schedule recurring cleaning services to keep your home neat and tidy. This way, you can dedicate some time to do some hall closet organization!

Until you schedule those cleaning services, here are some helpful tips on keeping the cluttered closets nice and tidy!

Reclaiming Your Closet

cluttered shoes in a hall closet

Don’t deny it: we all know the truth, and suffer from the same problem. No matter how desperately you try to keep your closet under control, it somehow has a way of becoming a cluttered home for everything and anything. No matter if you have a walk-in or super small space, these hall closet organization ideas are sure to maximize your closet space. 

There’s a smart storage idea for every space and budget, so you’ll have a cleaner and more manageable closet before you know it. The best perk? Thanks to these tips, you might even be able to find your favorite sweater that went MIA years ago.

Evaluate A woman looking through her hall closet

Start by creating a rule for what specific category of items you will store in your closet. Making a strict decision on what you will store in this closet will eliminate clutter and stress.

Reduce the clutter by stopping yourself from constantly throwing all those random things you find that need a place to live, into the closet. 

Empty Out and Clean

the contents of an empty hall closet

Pull EVERY single item out of the closet and to a nearby sorting space. Then give that empty closet a detailed cleaning by wiping off shelves, dusting the baseboards, and vacuuming the floor. 

Sort and Remove

A box that says keep and a box that says donate

You’ve already decided which items belong in the closet. Now, it’s time to take the things that don’t belong out of there. Decide whether each item belongs in the donate pile, keep pile, or the garbage bag

Once you’ve gone through everything, sort your KEEP items into specific categories.

Bring the items that don’t belong in the closet to their new home, gather the items marked for donation, and put them in your car.


An organized hall closet

Here’s where we have some fun and get creative! There are a billion and one different tricks, ideas, and strategies to hall closet organization. Depending on what you have decided to store in the small space, your options will vary. 

Follow these simple hall closet organization tips to keep coats, shoes, crafts, and toys under control.

  • Create Clothing Dividers

Purchase or print some easy to hang divider tags. You can now quickly and easily sort through the sizes and categories of the clothing you’re looking for.

You can kiss, running late to events because you couldn’t find that sweater shoved in the back of the closet, goodbye!

  • Recruit the Help of Shower Rings 

Instead of assigning each scarf its own hanger, or knotting them all up onto one, place shower rings on hangers to create individual holders for your entire tribe.

Kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of those unwanted wrinkles and crammed coat rods! 

  • Take Advantage of all Vertical Space

When you start to think every inch of that closet is taken up, take another look around. Be sure to pay attention to any extra space on the walls and fill it with hooks! 

Place these hooks at various heights to hang necklaces, scarfs, bags, and belts. You can even hang baskets to fill with crafts, toys, hats, etc. 

  • Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor

Quickly find each shoe’s pair by keeping footwear in cubbies or investing in a shoe rack. You can even organize by color and occasion!

  • Drawer Organizers

Quickly find toys, cleaning supplies, or crafts with some simple drawer organizers. Pick bright colors or patterns to bring some extra happy out every time you open your drawers.

  • Color Coordinate Everything

The quickest way to take your closet from junky to jaw-dropping is to color coordinate! It’s as simple as hanging coats by color, placing shoes by color, and putting toys in colored containers. This little detail makes all the difference to your hall closet’s organization. 

  • Hang Bags on the Door

Putting hooks on the inside of your closet door will offer up more space everywhere else. It also makes finding the right bag so much easier. 

  • Use Space Up Top

Savvy storage boxes were practically made for storing those random knick-knacks above the coat rod. Add some extra shelves up high. The higher you go, the more space you’ll add! 

  • Label Like Crazy

 Baskets are great for stylish hall closet organization, but only if you know what’s inside, and this is especially important on a high shelf. 

Plus, the more you take advantage of labels, the less likely you are to throw those random items wherever they’ll fit.  


A woman organizing her hall closet

Maintaining the hall closets organization can’t be stressed enough!! It is the most important tip to remember. 

Now that you’ve spent all that time and effort thoroughly cleaning out and organizing that cluttered closet don’t make yourself repeat these steps all over again in the future! 

Do a twice-a-year maintenance session routine for your hall, mudroom, and bedroom closets. Take a minute to mark your calendar with hall closet clean-out days. With this system, you’ll enjoy an organized hall closet all year long!  

A good tip is to do closet upkeep sessions in the spring and fall since it aligns with the change of seasons (and many of the items in our closets are used only during certain seasons). 

Hall Closet Organization

Someone wiping off a counter in cleaning gloves

With these changes, your closet will be functioning so much better, and you’ll be able to keep it organized. You can stop being embarrassed when a guest drops by, and you hang their coat in the hall closet!

Now that your hall closet looks organized and better than ever, it’s time to make the whole house look just as amazing! Are you tired of cleaning and organizing after all that hard work? No problem! Call TLC Cleaning to schedule recurring cleaning services to keep your home neat and tidy because you deserve a housekeeper!

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