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Hiring a cleaning service can take a significant amount of weight off your shoulders. Let’s face it: finding the time to clean through the daily hustle can take a lot of our time when it should be spent relaxing with our loved ones. Cleaning services can help increase the time we have to enjoy life and decrease the germs we have in our homes. However, how do you know the company you hire is legitimate and qualified to do the work they’re advertising? And what exactly do they do when clean your house?

Don’t pick up the phone to book a cleaning service until you do your research and ask questions. Here are some things to ask before hiring a company specializing in home and office cleaning.

How Do You Determine Your Rates?

Home cleaning quotes

Not all cleaning services charge you the same way. Some may charge by the hour and others by the project. Numerous companies will charge an hourly rate for the first visit and then set a price for each service after that depending on the condition of your home and how long they spent there.

If they charge by the hour only, you may want to find a cleaning company that lets you limit the amount of time they spend in your home. Companies also refer to it as a “not to exceed this price” clause.

Ask them to give you an estimate based on how long they think it will take to clean your home. They often make it off of the condition, length of time spent there, how frequently they come, and what they clean when they’re there.

Do Your Employees Undergo Background Checks as Part of the Hiring Process?

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Usually, established businesses will perform background checks for all their employees. However, if you hire an independent cleaner, it might be up to you to obtain a background check. The cleaning service should be able to tell you if they’ll send the same person to your house for every visit.

Background checks are necessary because, in today’s world, you don’t want to let just anyone into your home. You want to be able to not only trust the company but the staff they send to perform the work as well.

Do You Have Workers’ Compensation?

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This question is necessary so that you avoid being liable in case anyone obtains an injury on your property. Most companies offer workman’s compensation to their employees that pay state, federal, and social security taxes. Some companies hire contractors instead, and they won’t be eligible.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Are you bonded or fully insured?

Liability insurance and bond is something that professional cleaning companies will carry and have a policy for just in case any of your property gets damaged or stolen on their watch. It adds a touch of comfort and peace of mind knowing that they will replace your items if anything should happen.

If there’s anything in your home that requires special care, let them know.

How Will You Get in My Business or House?

How will you get in my office or house?

There are a few different options to give the cleaners access to your location. Most cleaners don’t require you to be present when they clean. You can:

  • Leave a spare key under the mat.
  • Grant access using a keypad.
  • Plan to be home.
  • Give the company a spare key.
  • Ensure a trusted employee will be there to let them in and monitor their activities.

Whichever you choose make sure that both you and the cleaner are comfortable with the plan.

What Services Do They Provide and Which Do They Include?

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Ask them about the services they include in their regular visits. You might also ask them about any specialized services they offer as well such as green cleaning, or area rug cleaning. Specify what you need them to do the most. Do you need help with dusting or should they mop the floors and clean the bathroom too? It’s essential for both parties to understand because it could affect the price of the housekeeping services.

How Do You Train Your Employees?

Employee training

Ensuring that their employees have undergone a significant amount of training is essential to know that they will provide you with stellar results. Ask about what types of training they offer their employees and what their policies are for hiring people. You can also ask who trains them and how often their training is updated.

Do You Have Any References?


Find out if they have a list of references they can give you that vouch for the type of service they provide. Most companies and housekeeping services will keep some reviews from their customers on file.

What Types of Certifications Do You Have?

What types of certifications do you have?
Legitimate cleaning services are required to obtain specific certifications to operate their business. Ask to see proof of their Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIVIS)Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, and CMS Green Building. All of these certifications will protect you and your home and save you from getting into costly legal trouble.

What Should I Do With My Pet?

What should i do with my pet?

If you have animals in your home or place of business, then this is something to ask and information to disclose with the company. Some people may be allergic or just frightened of individual animals. If you’re not going to be at home when the cleaner comes, you may want to take the time to introduce them before the initial visit. Sometimes you’ll have to put them in a crate or find a safe spot outside to leave them until you get home.

You should also check to see if they charge an extra fee for cleaning a home with animals.

Don’t choose the first company you find or the one that has the lowest price. Do your research and ask them these questions if applicable to your unique situation to ensure that the company is the right fit for you and your home.

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