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A women holding a large clock in front of her face symbolizing how to clean a room in 5 minutes.

The text pops up saying, “I will be stopping over to drop something off. See you in about 5 minutes.” Panic immediately sets in as you look around your house. Your house looks like a disaster due to working from home, kids everywhere, and no time to clean! You realize that you don’t know how to clean a room in 5 minutes!

No time for a cleaning person to take over (but when you do have time, get a free quote from the experts at TLC Cleaning). Now what? It’s time to learn how to get a 5 minute clean done, with the clock starting now. 

How to Clean a Room in 5 Minutes: Set the Mood and Assess

Someone turning off the TV with a remote in preparation to learn how to clean a room in 5 minutes

You want this to go quick and not get distracted. The first thing is to turn off TVs, computers, etc. Flip on some music and light some scented candles. The proper mood will immediately help you move along.

If you lack candles, put 1 cup of water in a pot on the stove and add some aromatics (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg or rosemary, sage) and bring to a low boil.

Now take a quick assessment. 

Which room will your company see? Close the doors off to the others. Generally, the kitchen, bathroom, and living room are your primary targets. Start in the room that needs the most help.

My Design Rules suggests starting with a trash pick-up in your target rooms. At the same time, gather any dirty dishes from the other rooms and bring them to the kitchen. If you have a lot of cups and plates lying around, utilize a large bowl or basket.

You will be amazed how that helps right away! 

Kitchen Clean-Up

A sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed.

If you have a dishwasher, load it up with all your dirty dishes. Unload the dishwasher if it is full of clean dishes. 

Some do not own a dishwasher. In that case, put a cookie sheet in your oven and stack dishes to hide if you don’t have the time to handwash. Just do not forget to take out after your guests leave!

If all else fails, fill the sink with hot soapy water and hide the dishes under the bubbles. 

For any dishes out on a drying rack, put away. Wipe down the stovetop, backsplash, and counter. For items on the counter, put in drawers, fridge, or microwave (a sneaky hiding spot).

Decluttering the kitchen is quick and has a high impact on looking clean.

Finally, sweep the floors. Set any garbage by the outside door to take out after the completion of the swift clean.

Conquer the Bathroom

Someone wearing rubber gloves and spray a bathroom sink to clean it.

You can do this quickly! Pick up any wet towels, fold and hang or put them in the laundry hamper. Put any makeup, brushes, jewelry in drawers or cabinets. Again, the goal is to appear decluttered.

Spray down the sink, faucet fixtures, mirrors, and outside of the toilet.

Hopefully, you have a scrub brush for your toilet. Do a brush down and if you have a cleaning tablet to put in the tank (the ones that make your water blue), add it in. Sweep, mop, or shake the rugs out (outside, of course).

Poof, your bathroom is not now sparkly clean. 

You Live in Your Living Room

A young man with facial hair puttign a book back on a shelf to tidy up a living room for guests.

The living room is likely the messiest room, but also is the most forgiving by your company. After all, we all live in our living rooms!

Grab a laundry basket (or box) and a bag. Put all large items that do not belong in the living room in the basket. Put all the things that need sorting (mail, magazines, paperwork) in the bag. Stash in basement, closet, or garage. 

WikiHow suggests in a pinch, stack items in an out-of-way place and cover with a blanket.

Store items back in their proper place; books on the bookshelf, coasters on tables, rugs straightened. Grab a dust cloth (or a lint roller) and wipe off the most visible items (coffee table, end tables, lampshades).

Fold any blankets and put them on the back of chairs or couches. Straighten up cushions or pillows.

Vacuum or sweep. If you have time, wipe down the floorboards.

A fun and easy idea for your wood floors is to put on old socks and spray the bottom with cleaner and dust the floor as you move around. This method also works on dirty kitchen floors. Make sure the socks do not have holes if you use any irritating chemicals! 


An elderly woman smiling and making her bed as as tep for cleaning a room in 5 minutes.

If you can not shut off your bedroom door or your guest will be in that room, first, make your bed. Hospital corners are a godsend so learn how to make them! Check to make sure nothing is poking out from under your bed and if it is, shove it under to be out of the way, 

Toss all clothes into hampers or the closets (you can sort clean clothes from dirty clothes later). Straighten the top of dressers and night tables. 

If you have large amounts of clutter, use the bag and hide method—finally, vacuum or sweep. 

The Last Check

A person changing the trash bag in a small trashbag and putting it back where it belongs.

Bring out the garbage and shut all closet doors. If you have a pot of aromatic simmering, turn off the stove and walk the pan around the house. The scented steam will freshen up the rooms and then pour down the sink and stash the pot.

If it is daytime, open shades and pull back curtains. If it’s nighttime, turn on the lights. Mood lighting always makes your house look inviting!

Bonus Time

A coffee pot brewing coffee for guests.

Suppose you have some time to spare, clean yourself up. A quick shirt change and a brush will do wonders.

And another bonus time idea, brew a pot of coffee or set out wine and glasses, along with a snack tray. It can be as easy as a hunk of cheese and a plate of crackers. Nothing is more welcoming (and distracting) than drinks and food!

Prepare for Next Time

A professional cleaner wearing clubs and wiping down a bedroom side table.

Congratulations! You learned how to clean a room in 5 minutes! Now, how to avoid the mayhem next time? Hire a cleaning professional!

TLC Cleaning experts offer different packages to fit your needs. Flu Buster, deep cleaning, basic cleaning, or move-in/out cleaning are all our specialties. Check out our easy online estimates.

Once TLC Cleaning has tackled your house, the amount of time cleaning reduces from a 5-minute clean to be a ten-second tidy!

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