Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist




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post construction cleaning checklist

Construction can be an exciting time but often leaves quite the mess behind. Before you can kick up your heels and enjoy your new space, you need to do a marathon clean or hire someone like TLC Cleaning to do it for you. This checklist will help you get the cleaning knocked out as fast as possible.

Construction dust can get anywhere, and needs to be removed before it makes the home (and newly renovated space) look dim, dingy and old. Never mind before it gets into the air ducts! You don’t want to be breathing construction dust for the rest of your time there. The dust explosion can happen no matter the size of the project, so to be safe, always follow this post construction cleaning checklist after any home renovations.

Vacuum Carpets and Upholstery

vaccum cleaning
Vacuum all soft fabrics, including curtains, sofa, and carpet to maximize the amount of dust you collect. Vacuuming can prevent the irritating dust from settling into your furniture and potentially causing irritation or allergies to your family or company. Plus, it will brighten the fabrics to have all that dust off. You may have to vacuum more than once to get all the dust and make sure that you are paying attention to details when you vacuum, such as removing couch cushions, doilies, and other decorative items.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Wipe down hard surface

Clean all hard surfaces from the top down, moving around the room as you do so. Start by wiping the dust off your walls, as even the walls collect dust from construction and renovation projects. This dust can stick to the paint and make the whole room look dirty, so avoid that by giving the walls a good wash. Make sure you get any moldings or baseboards and test whatever cleaning product you plan on using in a small area first, though a dry or damp cloth should be all you need. Cabinets and hardwood furniture need to be wiped down as well and don’t forget the interior shelves. Dust can get in there and stick in the corners, so make sure you wipe out every bit of dust you can find. Tackle any hardwood floors to finish, mopping and sweeping to ensure all the construction debris gets cleaned up. No spot mopping on this one, mop from wall to wall.

Clean Air Vents & Replace Filters

clean air vents
You do not want construction dust ruining all the cleaning you’re doing when you finally turn on the air, and you don’t want the renovation dust to stay with you forever. Cleaning out the air vents and replacing the filters will go a long way towards keeping the dust down in your house, which can also help prevent allergies and other respiratory problems. Clean the front of the air vent with warm, soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly before replacing. Change any exposed filters for fresh ones.

The Little Things

The little things

Don’t forget all the little things you have in your house. Mirrors, light fixtures, electronics, small appliances, decorative items and much more. All of these can collect the dust from your renovation, making the new space look filthy instead of the brand new, relaxing area you wanted. Film on light bulbs can make them less effective and cause them to give off an unpleasant odor when turned on. Make sure the electricity is turned off before dusting bulbs and fixtures. Also check closets and drawers for the sneaky construction debris, cleaning any in the immediate vicinity and checking others nearby.

Make sure that you wipe down any large appliances in the room, front and top. If you can see the sides, wipe those down too. Don’t forget your light switches and any other switches either. Door knobs can be another place to wipe down, as they also get dusty. Wipe down the window blinds, as well as any fans in the room. The fans will blow all that dust right back into the room if you don’t. Electronics should only be wiped down with a damp (not wet!) cloth. Mirrors should be cleaned as usual, though it may take more than one round to clean them thoroughly – and don’t forget the frame if the mirror has one.

Windows & Doors

windows and door cleaning
Windows are excellent dust collectors, especially the frames. The same thing with doors, they are excellent dust collectors as well. Make sure you wipe down all windows and doors in the area, including frames and window sills. You may have to wipe them down more than once to make them shine again. Use a soft paintbrush to get the dust out of the track on tracked doors and windows.

Exterior Cleanup

Exterior cleanup
Walk the perimeter of your house to ensure that there are no drop cloths, nails or other debris laying on your lawn or driveway. Clean any walkways and the driveway if involved in the construction project, perhaps even with a pressure washer for a good clean, but a garden hose will suffice if you don’t have a pressure washer handy.



If you have a fireplace, make sure that you give it a good cleaning while you are working on the rest of the room, as dust and debris can settle in all the nooks and crannies. Depending on the type of fireplace you have, you may want to wipe it down with a damp cloth, vacuum it out, or use special cleaners. However you would typically clean it is fine.

Always start cleaning from the top down to clear out the dust and other debris from your renovation project. Cleaning from the top down ensures you get all the dust, as things in the air settle to the ground. What you clean will depend on the room, and how far the renovation dust has spread. This post construction cleaning checklist should get you started cleaning and on the path to that relaxing new room or space.

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