Why Robot Vacuums Can’t Beat Traditional Vacuuming




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woman vacuuming with a dog in the background

We all love those little gadgets in our lives that make life easier. As years have gone by, tools for cleaning have seen some major upgrades. One device that stands out, in particular, is robotic vacuums. While convenient and incredibly cool, they just aren’t the same as traditional upright vacuums with bags or canisters.

Vacuuming is a critical part of keeping your carpets and home clean. Some may even consider it a “necessary evil.” But the fact remains, it is necessary.

If you love your robotic floor cleaner and simply don’t want to pick up a vacuum, call TLC Cleaning.

As a premier cleaning company in Fargo, North Dakota, our employees would love to pick up your Roomba’s(™) slack so you can put your feet up (above your spotless carpets) and relax.

Don’t worry, you can keep your Roomba(™)

Some people get really attached to their robot vacuums. So much so, that sometimes they are often affectionately given names by their families.

That’s okay. In fact, we love that a cleaning tool could be so near and dear to your heart that you want to name it Rosie after The Jetsons’ robot housekeeper.

You can love your robot floor cleaner, but that doesn’t mean they can completely replace a good old-fashioned upright vacuum.

When robotic vacuums work

woman watching TV with her feet up while a robotic vacuum runs

The main perk of having an artificially intelligent floor cleaner is the sheer convenience.

Some can even connect to Wi-fi so you can start and schedule them through an app when you’re away on vacation or while you’re at work.

But, robotic vacuums are still useful for when you are home. You can do other cleaning tasks, like folding laundry or dusting, while your Roomba(™)gets the whole lower half of the room.

Delegating some household responsibilities to a robot is a simple solution to cutting back on the time you spend cleaning.

Even if you just use your robotic vacuum to get all the Cheerios every day after breakfast, you don’t have to spend precious morning minutes picking up the mess. Or, even worse, come home to clean up the cereal after a long day at work.

Robot floor cleaners are also great for pet owners. If you own a pet with fur, you know you’ll find hair everywhere. Pet owners the world over know frequent cleaning comes with the territory of sharing your home with a little (or big) fluff ball.

No matter how much you love your pets, there probably hasn’t been a single person to say they love the pet hair situation.

Roombas(™) or Ecovacs(™), or Deebots(™) don’t work as well on large quantities of longer pet hair. But, if you have a short or medium-haired family member, a robotic vacuum may be a good investment.

With a robotic floor cleaner, you can effortlessly minimize unwanted pet hair in your home.

While there are some things robovacs are great for, there are some things that set them back from a traditional upright vacuum.

When robotic vacuums don’t work

a kitten riding on a robotic vacuum

Autonomous vacuums work best in rooms without tons of furniture and clutter. So that means your little Rosie isn’t the greatest for any of the kids’ rooms.

Also, your little cleaning buddy isn’t suited for cleaning rooms with thicker rugs, like shag. Thicker carpets can tire out your robovac. When floor coverings are thicker, they tend to use more battery life than on shorter lengths of carpet.

If your robot runs low on battery, it will return to the docking station, sometimes before it finishes the whole room.

Dark floors may also be an obstacle your sweet Rosie has a hard time overcoming.

And, due to their small internal dustbin, they aren’t capable of doing a whole house, weekly type vacuum.

Additionally, because they are robots, there are some things they just might miss.

And while Roomba’s(™)or other robotic vacuums are great for pet hair, they aren’t necessarily great for all pets.

If you have a new puppy, you may want to think twice before allowing your robot floor cleaner to work unsupervised.

These little robots can’t avoid obstacles that come with a new pet that isn’t potty trained. There may be a certain viral video on the internet of a very smelly encounter a robovac had in a home with a little puppy accident.

While kind of funny to see happen to others, this incident is never something you want to happen to you. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Let’s sum it up

a traditional and robotic vacuum

Robotic vacuums are super good for:

-Homes that are typically picked up and tidy

-Households with lots of extra fur from pets

-Homes with messy eaters

-Pets that are potty trained

-People who want to spend less time cleaning, and more time living

-Living in a home where you don’t remove shoes upon entry

Avoid robotic floor cleaners if:

-Your floor or home has a lot of clutter

-You have a lot of furniture or crowded space

-You consider it a substitute for vacuuming entirely

-Your home is really big

-You have a lot of area rugs or thick carpet

-You have floors that are dark in color

-Others tell you that you like to micromanage tasks

-You have a fear of artificial intelligence


Call TLC Cleaning

a man playing air guitar on a traditional vacuum

If you love the feeling of freshly vacuumed floors regularly, call TLC Cleaning in Fargo, North Dakota.

Even our basic cleaning service includes floor cleaning and vacuuming. If you schedule a recurring cleaning with us, you’ll spend less time tidying your floors and home, and more time doing all of the things that you love.

While your Roomba(™) or robotic vacuum is great for touch-ups, nothing beats regular cleaning with a traditional upright vacuum. And the only thing that is better than that is when a member of TLC’s well-trained staff is doing the vacuuming.

Your robotic vacuum might even be out of work entirely, after a basic or deep cleaning from TLC.

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