9 Things You Can Clean While Working Remotely




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a person having tea while working remotely on their computer

A mass pandemic hit us all over the world in early 2020. For safety’s sake, as many people as possible are staying home and working remotely. And fortunately or otherwise, cleaning is recommended during any pandemic, to try and make your home less pandemic-y.

Picture the scene: You’re working remotely, either because of COVID-19, or because you can. It’s possibly the first time you’ve gotten to do this, and so you’re thinking – yay, I’m free from the commute! I can do as I please – it’s MY office!

Dream versus reality.

woman working remotely and holding her toddler

-You thought your office space would be yours, but then the kids decided to pay a site visit. Next thing, their toys are underfoot, their sticky fingers are all over your computer monitor, and they’ve decided to decorate your “office” with their finger paintings.

-You realize, after spilling your coffee, why the rule about not drinking at your desk was in place. You frantically look around for the cleaning staff. If you’re in the Fargo, North Dakota area, TLC can help you. Give TLC a call and schedule a one-time or recurring home cleaning appointment.

-Working remotely in your own space means that you set the boundaries. No unruly colleagues interrupting, phone calls diverted, and you can even minimize the number of meetings you have. But pets don’t respect your boundaries, you may have twice as many messages, and teleconferencing can be as intrusive as meetings.

Staying productive means staying organized

a man working remotely at a very organized desk

It pays to keep your workspace clean and tidy. Who knows when the boss might demand an update via video conference to literally “see” how you’re going? Your regular cleaners can’t come in, so you’re responsible for keeping the place looking like somewhere you want to work in.

Whether you’re working from home, in lockdown, or at home because, well, it’s home, keep the area as clean as possible. Germs love dirt, bacteria thrive on unhygienic surfaces, and really, it’s just not nice living in squalor. So when you’ve got a bit of spare time, check off the cleaning jobs you meant to do “one day.”



a man cleaning his laptop

While working remotely, your computer is probably the most important tool in your arsenal.

Whether you use it for work or entertainment, your computer is probably one of the dirtiest items in your home. In fact, it’s so dirty that we’re going to look at the main parts separately. Always disconnect the computer from any power source before you clean, and remember, less is more so gentle wipes only!

1) Mouse

If you use a mouse, then think about what you’re doing to it. Your palm rests on it, your finger clicks when needed, and your hand moves it around the mousepad. Use alcohol swabs, or a moist cloth, to wipe its surface, and use a toothpick to clean any small spaces.

2) Monitor

That random dot on your monitor is not a punctuation mark in a strange place. More likely, that speck was caused when you didn’t sneeze into your elbow or when you tapped the screen with your finger. Spray a cleaning solution onto a soft, disposable cloth and gently wipe the screen until those smudges disappear.

3) Keyboard

The humble keyboard is where some of the real nasties can lurk. Hair, skin, spilled food, and general detritus find their way into the keyboard and lurk like evil goblins, waiting to strike. Shake out as much as you can, use a brush to loosen the remainder, then vacuum the remnants out.

You can also use a can of air to discharge any crumbs or debris, found at your local office supply store.

4) Desk

Drinking coffee at your desk is practically a given when you’re working remotely, so you need to watch for spills, condensation, or drips. At the end of each day, remove all paper, files, and objects from the surface. Use a clean cloth and cleaning solution to wipe it down and let it dry naturally before replacing items.

Other areas to clean

mom and daughter cleaning windows together

5. Workbench

If you are using mechanical tools, there will probably be spillages, like oil, sawdust, chips, or other mess. For safely, as well as hygiene, keep your workbench as clean as possible. Dust regularly, wipe up spills immediately (before they can stain), and organize your tools in a logical fashion.

6. Windows

Keeping your windows and window frames clean and clear can improve your outlook – both generally and literally. Don’t let sticky finger marks or smudges ruin your view. A gentle window cleaner, a lint-free cloth, a few wipes, and you’ve got a picture-perfect view.

7. Skirting boards

Don’t have your lazy afternoon on the couch spoiled by noticing just how dirty your skirting boards are. If you want a bit of entertainment, make cleaning these into a game with the kids. Whoever stays driest while cleaning these hard-to-reach, and often drippy, places wins.

8. Bookshelves

You may find yourself overlooking the bookshelves when cleaning, but they need a little TLC too. Quick weekly dusting may be sufficient, but once in a while, make sure you vacuum behind the bookshelves. While you’re at it, wipe the books down and try to instill some order to the shelves.

9. Light fittings

Definitely not on your regular cleaning list are the light fittings. But every time you press the switch to turn the lights on and off, your finger contaminates the switch and vice versa. Clean these regularly, either by spraying a cleaning solution onto a cloth and wiping or by using antibacterial wipes.

Other benefits of a clean, tidy home include:

woman cleaning a shower


You don’t want to trip over that untidy pile of rubbish every time you walk down the hall.

Physical fitness

Studies have shown that you are more likely to exercise if your house is tidy. It takes energy, determination, and willpower to keep your home neat, and these are all qualities you channel when deciding to exercise. Plus, some housework activities can double as aerobic exercises if you do them right.

Exactly how many calories do you burn when scrubbing a shower?


Keeping your home clean and tidy helps prevent structural nasties from getting hold. It is far easier to prevent mold and mildew than it is to remove once it’s made itself at home. If you keep your home clean and ventilated, it is less likely to suffer from problems with dampness or rot.

Keep up the good work

someone using an iphone on a yellow background
Either as a treat or to keep your home looking and feeling cleaning and hygienic, let the professionals take over. The TLC Cleaning Company in Fargo, North Dakota, will keep your house looking as though you never worked remotely from it. So contact us for a quote and see how we can help you.

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