What Cleaning Products Do I Need in My Home?




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Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the cleaning products available? Do you find yourself wondering, “what cleaning products do I need in my home?”

The reality is that no list of cleaning products can get you the same kind of clean as a professional cleaning service. Call TLC to schedule a cleaning service today. A deep clean by a professional team is a great head start to keeping your home looking its best.

In between scheduled cleanings, however, it is useful to keep the essential cleaning products on-hand. There are many options to choose from, yet there are only a handful of items you need to have on hand for everyday use. So you don’t overspend on all those fancy cleaning lotions and potions, keep reading to see a list of what cleaning products you need in your home.

What cleaning products do I need in my home?

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-Baking soda can mitigate odors and remove hard spots to clean, such as soap remnants, scrapes on your footwear, and even light grease.

-White Vinegar also removes odors and grease, serves as a disinfectant, and does not leave marks behind, so it is perfect for making your windows sparkle. It can be used to clean many areas, including many kitchen surfaces, and is an excellent floor cleaner.

-Rubbing alcohol actively destroys bacteria. It cleanses and decontaminates all those surfaces where microorganisms and other nasty stuff resides. Fathom to think about what might be lying in the cracks and crevices…yuck!

-Dish soap is a mild cleaner; it doesn’t ruin the surfaces that require a gentler cleanser. Dish soap is a
PH neutral product. It is also a cost-effective cleaner because you don’t need to use much to achieve your desired results.

-Furniture polish brings out the shine on wooden furniture, plus it often has a pleasant smell.

-Bleach is a crucial cleaning product to keep on hand. It is corrosive and works well on harder to clean areas. Word to the wise: Don’t mix bleach with other cleaning products as you may experience a chemistry experiment gone wrong!

-All-Purpose Cleaner is the best product to have and can serve as the only one you have in your home because it can clean multiple surfaces and hard to remove marks. Best of all, you can make your all-purpose cleaners using some common ingredients. Click here to learn how to make your own.

What cleaning tools do I need in my home?

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Of course, you need to have more than the cleaning product to apply them as needed. Here is of recommended tools you should have available.

-Microfiber cloths are multipurpose cleaning cloths. They can be used wet or dry and for tasks such as dusting, wiping down kitchen surfaces, and even inside and outside of your car.

-Toothbrushes (find one that you are no longer using) have many useful cleaning purposes. They can be used to scrub and shine areas lightly and to get to those areas that are hard to navigate with other tools. Word of caution: Don’t keep your cleaning toothbrush(es) anywhere near your toothpaste. You wouldn’t want to grab one to brush your teeth accidentally.

-Paper towels are the good ole standard “quicker picker-up.” These are a great choice because you can dispose of them after use, instead of risking the spread of bacteria and other germs.

-Rubber gloves are the best way to protect your hands from unnecessary dirt and germs. They are optional, but there are lots of messes that warrant protection when cleaning them. Insert your own visual here. Gross! If you are overly concerned about the germs and bacteria hanging around and want a deep clean, call TLC to schedule a cleaning service today.

-Sponges are a necessity and can be used in many places and for multiple types of messes. Double-sided sponges are also handy because they provide two types of cleaning surfaces, one side for gentle wiping and the other for harder to clean areas. Be sure you have several sponges on hand as you don’t want to use the same one to clean the kitchen countertop and those not so pleasant places–if you know what I mean. Click on this link for tips on maintaining healthy sponges: How to Clean Your Kitchen Sponge.

-Mops have been a cleaning staple for a long time. They are more light-weight, less cumbersome to manage, and are the perfect choice if you don’t like to get down on your hands and knees to clean the floor.

-Vacuums are essential cleaning tools that existed in households for many years. They also continue to evolve; they have become more comfortable to use, lighter, and more compact. A vacuum is vital to have because it lifts dust and other hard to see remnants in your carpet. You can’t get by with just a broom!

Keep it organized

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If you are someone who likes to have a clutter-free environment, there are some ways to keep your cleaning products and tools organized.

-Get yourself a storage container that you can easily transport and put away in a cupboard or closet

-Determine a location that you always put your cleaning items away and place them in logical areas. For example, store all of your bathroom cleaning products in your vanity or other convenient location in the bathroom. It makes sense to store cleaning items in the area in which plan to put them to use! After all, you wouldn’t store your pots and pans in the bathroom.

Last but not least, you will want to make sure that you maintain your cleaning tools. After all, they are not self-cleaning, and they have been used to clean-up some of the most unsightly and unsanitary messes. Click here for tips on maintaining and sanitizing your cleaning tools.

Call the professionals

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Now that you’re no longer wondering about what cleaning products you need in your home consider giving yourself a break.

Keep a few essential supplies and call TLC to schedule a regular or deep cleaning service today.

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