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“What’s that smell?” is the last thing you want someone to say when they enter your home. Between pets, kids, whatever you made for dinner the night before, and who knows what else, funky smells can take over your living areas. You might be left wondering how to make your house smell good after realizing the dog smell isn’t fading when you put your furry friends outside. Or maybe your teenager’s room stench has made its way to other areas of your home.

There aren’t many things more embarrassing than bad odors in your house. When guests arrive, you want your home to smell clean and fresh. Sometimes you get so used to the way your home smells; you don’t even notice anything wrong. Or, you might be well aware of nasty smells throughout your home and decide it’s time to address the situation.

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While using room fresheners like candles, sprays, and other products can cover up and mask smells, the best way to address stinky odors is to make sure you wash them away with proper cleaning. We all love a yummy pumpkin spice candle now and then to make our space feel homey and smell delicious, but for day-to-day living, keeping clean is the best solution.

Let The Professionals Get Things Smelling Fresh

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If you are starting to realize your home is smelling a little less fresh than usual, it might be due to an area in your house not being as clean as it could. Perhaps keeping things clean is something you have a hard time keeping up. The good news is, TLC Cleaning is ready to help you keep your home smelling good and looking its best. Professional cleaning services can be a complete game-changer. From freeing up your time for the important things in life to ensuring your home is ridiculously clean, TLC Cleaning’s team of experts can transform your life.
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Whether you’re looking for recurring cleaning services or deep cleaning services, TLC Cleaning is here. You’ll appreciate having more time to spend with your loved ones, enjoy your hobbies, and relax. At TLC Cleaning, we love giving the gift of time back to our clients, allowing them to stress less and enjoy a thoroughly clean home.

While you’re waiting to set up your cleaning services with TLC Cleaning, take a look at how to make your house smell good. Company coming over tonight? Had something delicious yet unpleasantly fragrant for dinner last night? Don’t worry; you can get everything smelling fresh in no time.

Target the Easy Areas First

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First and foremost, tackle the obvious stench culprits. The best way to make your house smell good is by getting down to business cleaning the common smelly areas in your home. Check these problem areas to ensure they aren’t causing any odors:

-Kitty litter box. Make sure to scoop the box regularly so smells can’t linger

-Take out the trash. This task might seem obvious, but how often do you throw food or other stinky elements away and then forget about them until the garbage can is full, often when it’s too late.

-Check the fridge. Frequently, old leftovers can create a smell-fest in the refrigerator that creeps out and into the open.

-Clean pet areas, such as beds and blankets–having pet beds that you can easily toss into the washing machine will make it easy to keep them from getting smelly.

-Carpets and furniture can really absorb smells. Wash your throw pillows if they’re machine washable, and use some baking soda on your carpet before you vacuum.

-Kitchen and bathroom sink drains can often harbor stench. Be sure to keep these clean.

-Dirty laundry can also be smelly. Check your baskets to make sure they aren’t contributing to any foul smells in your home.

Bring on the Good Scents

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Once you take care of the glaringly obvious smell sources in your home, you can get to work making sure your home smells fabulous. Here are some helpful hints on how to make your house smell good.

-Air it out! Opening some windows and running fans can help clear out bad odors and give your home a fresh smell. Easier to do during mild weather, fresh air is one of the best ways to combat yucky smells. If you can stand it, even if it’s cold out, try just a few minutes of open windows and fans to get things smelling fresh quickly.

-Clean your surfaces with your favorite household cleaner. Wiping down countertops or mopping will give your home a clean smell.

-Catch up on the laundry. Not only can dirty laundry cause odor in your home, but running a load of laundry can make your home smell like your detergent and offer a clean scent.

-Time to do some baking–there’s a reason people who are selling their homes bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies right before a showing. Baking cookies will make your home smell cozy and welcoming, as well as naturally cover up any bad smells.

-Take it easy on scented candles and other products. While burning your favorite candle or blasting the room with a fragrant spray might seem like a good idea, it can become overpowering. Use subtle scents and not too much to create a pleasant yet non-overpowering smell.

Keep Your Home Clean to Keep Smells Away

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Keeping up on household chores and cleaning will help keep yucky smells away. Forgetting to empty the trash or not scoop the litter box daily can take a toll on your home’s scent. The best way to stay on top of unpleasant smells is to keep up on your housework.

If you’re ready to take a step back from constant cleaning or are having trouble keeping things smelling fresh in your home, consider a professional cleaning service. TLC Cleaning can ensure your home not only looks its best but smells its best as well. You won’t have to worry about hidden smells lurking around.

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