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Hiring a house cleaner isn’t only for the rich and fancy. As more and more people are learning it is, in fact, for everyone.

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House cleaning services aren’t something many people look to invest in, but its popularity is rising for people who just need a little help now and then. And to add to that, many families are seeing the value in spending time together instead of cleaning constantly.  Just knowing that we are helping families have more time together, we couldn’t be happier and love what we do more.

If you’re not sure quite yet about hiring a cleaning service, check out these three big reasons to hire help. Once you’re convinced, feel free to call us with any questions or concerns and hire us for your best home cleaning service.

1. More Family Time

With today’s busy and hectic lifestyles of work and family requirements, it is hard for the average family to enjoy more free time. Housework is time-consuming, especially when you may get to spend only one day per week together as a family. Family time is priceless, and hiring a house cleaner is probably one of the best ways to secure it.

If you can imagine for one moment that you have one of our hired professionals come in once a month to clean all those hard to reach places, how much time would you be able to go do something you love? When is the last time you and the family went out to a park or spent a day together shopping and didn’t have the deed of cleaning to come home too?

Studies show that even the slightest reduction in your stress levels can and will improve your productivity elsewhere. The best way to be more productive is to have more free time to wind down.

While we know hiring someone seems financially daunting, we also know that the more time you have to spend with family and just relax- the less stressed you will be.  There are many different schedules you can start with.

If you desire to have some of that valuable free time back with your family, call us today, and we’ll be sure to find something that fits your budget and your life. No one understands your family’s needs like our team.


2. Maintain Your Home’s Value

Many people don’t realize that by hiring a house cleaner, you can ensure the value of your home will be higher when it comes time to sell. Those problematic spots––like dirty grout––devalue your home.

Many surfaces are damaged overtime by oils and dirt that don’t get cleaned regularly. Just like our body needs regular cleaning, so do the hard-to-reach surfaces such as built-ins, walls, and floors. Normal wear and tear are going to happen, but you can control the rate of deterioration with regular cleaning.

Another thing to consider is the deep cleaning of your carpets and rugs. Many times, vacuuming isn’t enough, and you need a deep steam clean. That’s where we come in.

Neglecting baseboards and trims is also expensive in the long run. The cost of upkeep and maintenance on a home with a regular house cleaner is much more manageable than renovation costs down the road.

3. Admit It: You Could Use the Help

You do an excellent job cleaning. Let’s chat for a moment about that one thing that continually falls behind on the cleaning chores list. Could it be the fridge that you keep meaning to clean out or that downstairs guest bathtub that you just haven’t scrubbed in ages?

We all do a great job on the everyday cleaning tasks but sometimes time is not on our side. Even when we know that it’s time for a deep Spring Cleaning, most of us lack the time.

Hiring a house cleaner to come and do those full cleans is by far the best gift you can give yourself. Think about it: you dream of the white grout and sparkling tiles but you just finished your fifth load of laundry, and it’s 7 p.m. on Wednesday again. This is where taking the added step of hiring help will boost your mood and help with those pesky chores that just so easily slide past us in our day-to-day cleaning. Can you imagine never cleaning the toilet or under the bathroom sink again? This isn’t a dream: this can be your reality.  Life should be enjoyed and you we are more than happy to help you while you enjoy it.


Why Choose Us?

As a local family-owned business, we understand the challenges of maintaining your home without missing out on essential school performances, sporting events, and other deadlines. As someone who was a young mother, I know exactly how stressful your daily life can get.

While some people may not consider themselves a “clean freak,” ignoring dirt and dust can lead to health issues. When you can’t find the time to spruce your home up, however, our team is there for you.

We provide the best in local home cleaning services, giving you the time you need for the things that matter the most. When you don’t have hours of housework looming over your shoulder, it takes more stress off of your plate each week.

Whether you are concerned about particular decor items receiving specialized cleaning treatments or need to customize your home cleaning experience, we can best discuss your needs and tailor your plan to meet all your needs for less. We remain passionate about creating healthier, cleaner homes for you and your family to enjoy.

Call Us Today

TLC Cleaning prides ourselves on helping you find the cleaning schedule that works for your lifestyle. Upon your initial visit, you will get to meet Trisha, the owner of TLC Cleaning. She loves to sit down and go over every option available to you and help you budget out the best cleaning for you for your home, needs, and pocketbook.

We look forward to speaking with you soon––reach out today.

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