How to Easily Clean Your Home Using Baking Soda

Everyone knows to put an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge, and it will help absorb odors. Did you also know that by cleaning with baking soda you can freshen every room in your house? So much cleaning, so little time. Do you know what would make house cleaning

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How to Have the Best Smelling House on the Block

“What’s that smell?” is the last thing you want someone to say when they enter your home. Between pets, kids, whatever you made for dinner the night before, and who knows what else, funky smells can take over your living areas. You might be left wondering how to make your house smell good after

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How Using a Cleaning Schedule Can Keep Your Home at its Best

Cleaning your home can feel a lot like therapy. Cleaning is named as one of the top active stress relievers. So, if you put the task that way, putting together a busy cleaning schedule could be your therapy session If you’re running short on timing, always feel free to call TLC Cleaning for your home cleaning needs. That’s what we call, “thinking positively!”

However, personal health and well being isn’t the only reason for putting together a cleaning schedule for your home is essential! Keeping things tidy also helps maintain your home; keep it at its best.

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Deep Cleaning and Why Your Home Needs the Extra Elbow Grease

There is cleaning your home, and then there is cleaning your home. Cleaning your home is washing the dishes, sweeping the kitchen in two seconds, squeegee cleaning the shower just because it is (kind of) satisfying once or twice a week. Cleaning your home is deep cleaning that entire thing (the scary depths of behind the toilet included) because you’ve wanted to do it for the past six months to fulfill every distant clean home fantasy you’ve ever had.

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