13 Things to Try and Make Cleaning Fun




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A man wearing an apron and pink cleaning gloves flexing and smiling for a portrait.

Most people will tell you they don’t even want to picture themselves cleaning on their days off or after a hard day of work. Your days off are hard-earned days of leisure and fun but, who says cleaning can’t be fun? In this blog post, we will share thirteen ways to make cleaning fun and get back to doing what you love. Leave the cleaning to TLC!

TLC Cleaning would love to help you when you are just too busy doing day-to-day life. We are located in Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota, and also Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. 

How to Make Cleaning Fun

A flat lay of cleaning supplies and an alarm clock. Setting a timer is something your can try to make cleaning fun.

1. Set a Timer

When you give yourself a few minutes (10 or 15 minutes will do great) to clean, then give yourself a break, you are much less likely to get overwhelmed.

Here is a fantastic video on how to clean your home daily in only 15 minutes!

Bottles of the TLC Cleaning products

2. Buy Nice Smelling Cleaning Products

If you pick out nice smelling cleaning products that you love, then you may be more likely to enjoy wiping down that counter. Who doesn’t love a freshly cleaned kitchen that smells like their favorite scent?

A woman dusting a shelf with a gray fluffy duster.

3. Pick One Room

Pick one room or one area to work on at a time. When you look at a house as a whole, it can be overwhelming but, just one small room is much more manageable. 

A mom and daughter cleaning a living room together. Tackling one room is a way to make cleaning fun.

4. Get The Kids Involved

If you have children, this is the perfect opportunity to have a little help. 

You can turn it into a cleaning game. Pick a random item in the room and tell the kids whoever put the item away in the right spot gets a prize. The trick is to make sure you keep the item a secret until the end. Watch how fast things get put away!

Click here to see our tips on ideas on how to get the kids involved!

Awoman picking up laundry to tidy a room.

5. Pick Up Certain Items Only

There usually are only a few types of items in a room, trash, laundry, and dishes. When you pick one thing at a time to focus on, it will be much easier. Then, once all of one category is gone, move onto the next type of item. You deserve a break in between, though, so don’t forget to do that!

Smoeone choosing a TV show to listen to while they clean.

6. Put On a TV Show

Having some TV on is always fun. Don’t put on something you need to pay attention to, though. A mindless show would be your best option. 

Couple singing and cleaning while blasting music to make cleaning more fun.

7. Blast the Music

Music always starts a good time, so why not have some on while cleaning your house? You can even have a dance party if you’d like! Who doesn’t love a dance party every once in and while? We sure do. 

Here is a link to a great playlist to get you cleaning and dancing. If you like the 2000s through 2021, you’ll enjoy this!

A woman cleaning her windows while listening to a podcast using bright red headphones.

8. Turn On A Podcast Or Audiobook

Maybe music isn’t your thing, but you can not get enough of your favorite podcast. Maybe your favorite author just released a new book. Load that onto your phone or speaker and listen to that. It will not distract you as much as a movie or TV show you can’t take your eyes off of. 

Click here for a podcast you might fall in love with and use as your dishwashing or folding laundry go-to.

A man sitting on a couch making a cleaning to do list

9. Make a List

Another tip for how to make cleaning fun is by making yourself a list. Make sure that it is super detailed. For example, if you have to clean the living room, don’t just write “clean living room.” 

It will feel like it takes forever to cross it off. You can make your list look like this: clean off the sofa, clean off the entertainment center, clean windows, dust TV, vacuum carpet, fix couch cushions, and rearrange the throw pillows. 

All those items may seem like things that you wouldn’t think of writing down but, once you are done and see how much you have gotten accomplished, you will be so much more motivated to finish and possibly get started on the next room or area.

10. Watch Cleaning Videos

Watching other people clean their homes will make you more motivated to clean your house. Everyone has to do it but seeing that other people put it off will make you feel so much better. You are not alone.

Here is a great video to get you started.

Someone checkign their rate with a fitness tracker watch after cleaning their home.

11. Wear Your Fitness Tracker And Watch the Calories Fall Off

As you are running around cleaning, your fitness watch will track all the calories and all of the steps you take. If you count your steps and try to reach a goal every day, this may help you get there! Not many people think that a cleaning session can burn that many calories, but you actually do if you are scrubbing and organizing. Make cleaning fun by working towards completing your fitness goals at the same time!

A woman singing into her mop handle while she cleans.

12. Perform a Concert

If you are a person who likes music, this is perfect for you! Once you get in the cleaning groove and really get into a song, you will most likely start singing. Belt it out! Let the neighbors feel like they need to pay for a ticket after what they just heard.

Four members of TLC Cleaning team wearing pink shirts and smiling while holding cleaning product spray bottles

13. Make Cleaning Fun and Let TLC Cleaning Do it For You

We offer online estimates to make your life much easier. 

TLC Cleaning has many different services to cater to everyone’s particular needs. 

Just moved in or moved out? We have a service just for that. Are your carpets in need of a good steam clean? We offer that too! 

We also have a 12 point cold and flu buster package that is great for cold and flu season!

We offer many more services to keep your home clean and sanitized, so make sure to get back to doing what you love! It’s time to leave the cleaning to TLC Cleaning!

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