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Summer is coming, and if you’re a family with children, that means you’re about to have a houseful of kids 24/7. That also means their toys and sports equipment and dirty clothes will be all around too. You can plan on grass stains, the smell of chlorine, and wet footprints, but you don’t want to spend your entire summer doing chores or cleaning up messes.

After all, summer is a vacation for you, too. It’s a time for playing and fun in the sun. For drinking wine while watching sunsets and enjoying weekend getaways. And it’s precious time to spend with your kids without worrying about homework or school schedules or other obligations.

Nonetheless, the house still gets dirty in the summer. You may have gangs of neighborhood kids tromp through, or wet towels from pool time fun, or muddy shoes from river romps accumulating in the house. How do you manage all the fun while still getting the summer cleaning done? How do you balance the playtime with chores, and also have time for your bubble bath and wine hour?

At TLC Cleaning, we’re parents, too, and we know the drill. Here are some of our best tips for simplifying your summer cleaning to reduce the summer hustle.

Enlist the Entire Family

Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean that there isn’t work for everyone to do. Everyone makes messes, so everyone cleans up. Make a small summer chore list for each person that only takes about a half-hour per day. And here’s the important part: you must accomplish your daily list before there is any fun for the day.

If your kids want to go to the pool, they finish daily chores first. If you can, set aside chore time after breakfast. Set a timer, put on some music, and make it fun. Everyone does their chores at the same time, then celebrates with popsicles, a run through the sprinkler, water balloons, or heading out to an activity.

Your kids can help keep things tidy. Consider assigning them zones of the house to be their area of expertise. They’re responsible for de-cluttering, emptying trash, and other maintenance.

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Don’t Forget the Outside

Gas Grill Cleaning
You’re outside more in the summer, and those outdoor spaces need some TLC as well. Sweeping porches, tidying decks, and cleaning the gas grill are all items for your summer chore list, as well as weeding and lawn mowing.

Summer Cleaning Hacks

Grill Clean-Up Made Easy

Clean the grill when it is still warm, using a wire brush. If you forget to clean it after cooking, no problem. Just heat it again and get to it. If you have a lemon, cut it in half and use it to clean the wire racks. Lemons also leave a great shine on stainless steel as well.

Keep Outside Dirt Outside

Make sure shoes come off on the deck, front porch, garage, or in the mudroom. You may already be in the habit of doing this, but if not, summer is a great time to start. Wet shoes from the pool, sneakers covered with cut grass, muddy boots from hiking or playing in the woods — all that dirt and debris needs to stay outside. Assign a chore to clean off the shoes after the mud is dry and to sweep up all the wayward gunk that drops.

Water Rings on Your Furniture

Someone who will remain nameless unless you have a kid named “Not me!” left their drink cup on your wooden table. The house is warm, the drink is cool, and now there is a water ring on your furniture. No, darling child, spit and rubbing it with your finger does not fix it. However, this simple hack will: use mayonnaise. For this trick, you need the full-fat mayo, not a light version. Rub a small amount of the mayo onto the water ring. Don’t be skimpy but you don’t need an ice cream scoop, either. About a quarter-sized dollop rubbed into the ring will do. Let it sit for an hour, then wipe up with a cloth. Voila!

Banish Fingerprints with Fruit

Fingerprints on the fridge be gone! If you have a stainless steel fridge, you know how easily the shiny surface can fill with prints. It’s like it’s a magnet for smudges! With all those grubby hands reaching into the fridge all summer, your refrigerator front is going to look like a mural of fingerprints. Do away with those smudges by using citrus-based furniture polish on your fridge. Not only will it wipe away existing fingerprints, but the slightly oily surface will repel future ones.

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Monitor Mildew in the Washer

Summertime’s humidity can cause mold or mildew to form in your washer, especially if you have a front loader. Even if it’s not visible, you may encounter a musty smell that is unpleasant and can sometimes transfer to your clothes. To fix this, run an empty load with just detergent and hot water. Then leave the door open to let it fully dry.

Get Some Help from TLC

Cleaning professional

To thoroughly enjoy your summer, consider getting a weekly or monthly cleaning from the pros at TLC Cleaning. We can do your entire house or focus on problem areas, such as kitchens and baths. If you’re looking for more time at the pool or relaxing with friends and family, let us help you reclaim that time by taking your summer cleaning off your hands. Give us a call to get on our schedule before the summer is gone.

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