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Hooray! Spring has sprung, and sideways snow isn’t an everyday thing.

Spring Cleaning

You can now open up your windows without fear of a blizzard avalanching into your home. This scenario is thought to be one of the reasons there is such a thing as “spring cleaning.” Of course, everyone still cleans at all times of the year, but spring cleaning means deep cleaning, and inspiring weather to match your mood.

Are you sure you’re getting all those dust bunnies? TLC Cleaning knows what areas can get neglected because we see what remains after a move-out. Coming into a dwelling after all the furniture and belongings are gone can reveal the areas that needed more love. We’ve created a checklist to help remind you of some of those forgotten areas in homes. How could you know unless you take a look under the hood?

TLC Cleaning is here to help you help you take pride and be at peace knowing all is well above and below the surface. Nobody likes to be embarrassed when you’re replacing your washer and dryer, and all the missing undies are alive and well and breeding socks. I’m sure it’s not the appliance guy’s first rodeo, but just the same, it’s still mortifying.

You don’t know what else is lurking in those hidden places. Best solution: check them once a year to be sure you’re not cultivating some funk.

Besides making sure you’re aren’t creating an environment for the next superbug, use the opportunity of peeking at less traveled places in your home to check structural integrity.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

In general, spring cleaning is a type of deep cleaning or annual cleaning. These are the items you don’t have to do every week or even monthly. Decluttering is best to do with your cleaning regimen.

It is even more necessary with everyone getting the newest widgets or thingamabob for Christmas. While you are doing the deep cleaning, set three boxes out; label them donate, sell, and trash. Take advantage of the purge and make some money from your spring cleaning and have a garage sale.

A yard sale isn’t the only advantage to spring cleaning. You can get a good pulse of future maintenance and how to prioritize remodels and renovations. While you are behind the appliances, check for leaks and mold. While you are deep cleaning the bathroom, check the grout in tile and caulking in the tub. It’s always better to touch up than to replace and repair. While you are being thorough, take notice of pipes and make sure there are no leak or condensation.

At TLC Cleaning, we can help you with most of the items listed below. One thing we can’t do is tell you what belongings to remove. We aren’t in the practice of putting a value on your belongings. We are in the business of giving you back your time, by helping you get the chore of cleaning done.

Spring Cleaning


  • Clear out the closet of stuff you haven’t worn in the last year.
  • Get rid of the books you meant to read (but you know it isn’t happening). Add it to your garage sale pile.
  • Take out the stuff that doesn’t belong in your closet.


  • Baseboards
  • Bookshelves
  • All the cracks and crevices you don’t get to year round

Line dry ONLY; save it for warmer weather

  • Linen drapes
  • High-chair covers
  • Patio furniture
  • Large comforters

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains don’t need cleaning often, and you might even get away with just vacuuming the dust off of them. Be sure to follow the care instructions; some drapes need to be dry cleaned.

One of the significant advantages of blinds is they can be cleaned with a quick wipe down. Depending on how dusty your home is, you might be able to use a vacuum.

Vacuum Everything

While you have the vacuum out, you should get beneath and behind:

  • Fridge
  • Washer/dryer
  • Beds/dressers
  • Bed mattress

Clean The Carpets and Area Rugs

Back in the day, spring was an opportunity to take the rugs outside and shake them out.

Nowadays, you can schedule a carpet cleaning, or do it yourself. It’s simpler to dry the rugs when you can use natural ventilation and open doors and windows to prevent mildew. Otherwise, you will need ventilation fans and dryers. In fact, at TLC Cleaning, we even do area rugs.

Seal Granite

It’s important to seal your granite annually to prevent staining. Don’t get overwhelmed; it’s like putting wax on a car.

Stainless Steel

Next thing you want to tackle is all the stainless steel. A Shark steamer wand can make it an easy task. Pay particular attention to the hood over the stove.


Take the window off the track and get up in those tracks. Then, suds up the windows and make them sparkle.

Treat Wood Floors and Cabinets

The finish will make all the difference in how involved it is to treat your cabinets.

If they have a laminate finish and a good coat of paint, you can wipe them down. Stained wood will require you to get the right oil and find an excellent podcast to listen to. It will take some extra love, but it will be well worth the effort with the beautifully finished grain.

Wipe Down and Sanitize

  • Inside of fridge
  • Kitchen and bathroom tile
  • Patio furniture

Deep Clean your Appliances and Change Filters

Nowadays it’s essential to do an annual cleaning of appliances to keep them running efficiently.  Many have cleaning cycles. Check each manual.

  • Dishwasher
  • Stove
  • Washing machine
  • Change water filter on fridge
  • Replace air filters
  • Clean A/C units

We hope these ideas are helpful to get you started on your spring cleaning journey. The feeling of a clean home can reduce stress and free you up your mind to focus on your family or career. TLC cleaning is here to help you get started with a deep clean or regular upkeep. An immeasurable gift you can give is a complimentary service for an overwhelmed friend or family member. We can help you spring clean. Contact us for a quote.

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