A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That’s Quick and Easy




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A weekly cleaning schedule is the best investment of time you can make to manage all your overwhelming tasks and chores. If you can organize the cleaning process, the messes will feel more manageable.

Ready to get started? Here are some helpful tips for creating a cleaning schedule. Get ready for increased productivity and a clean home!

Cleaning Timer

Clean Isn’t Perfect

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and accept that clean is clean enough. Not every item on your to-do list should be done so thoroughly that you can’t manage to get the other ones done the day you had them planned.

You can choose to set a time limit if that will help. Try setting a kitchen timer for 10-15 minutes for each chore. Set the timer and start and remain in one room until you finish that specific task. Remember that some of these will be weekly chores, so don’t think if you missed the deep-down dirt that it won’t get done. It will.

What About Supplies?

Organized Cleaning Supplies

The most strategic thing you can do is keep house cleaning tools you need in the room that calls for them. Obviously, if you have small children, you want to keep cleaning supplies locked up and away from small hands. 

However, having all that you need within reach will enhance how much you can get done in the time you have allotted. It’s so easy to get distracted by going into another room for a supply item and have a squirrel moment and start another cleaning project. Avoid this as much as possible.

Plan Your Cleaning Moves

Even though we suggest staying in one room, there are cleaning tasks that usually cross boundaries on your weekly cleaning schedule, such as vacuuming. With these types of tasks, you may want to put them on specific days. I don’t believe there are too many people that like to haul a vacuum around every day for each individual room.

How Do I Stay on Cleaning Task Each Day?

A cleaning checklist on a clipboard. A cleaning checklist can be a useful tool when you develop your weekly cleaning schedule.

How can you hold yourself accountable? Print out your chore list and laminate it. (You can find a self-laminating packet at your local Walmart for just a few bucks.) Trust us when we say you want to laminate it because you can mark off what has been done.

Now for our thrifty and high-tech-loving house cleaners, we suggest some cleaning schedule apps. One of my favorites because it a broad app is TODO found in the Google Play store. This app is amazing for overhauling and organizing your whole life––not just your cleaning schedule.

What Does a Successful Weekly Cleaning Schedule Look Like?

Below is a sample of my cleaning schedule broken down from daily tasks to each day of the week for the larger tasks.

Daily tasks should consist of wiping down the counters, doing the dishes, a load of laundry, and making the beds. Remember: if it looks dirty you should probably just add it to your quick clean list for the day and get it done and over with.

Mop It Monday

Mondays should include the floors. Everyone knows that the weekends are dangerous to your floors. From company and kids to food spills and muddy paws, the weekend has terrorized your floors.
If you can’t do all of them, you should consider looking at your high traffic areas such as foyers and living rooms. Don’t forget to tackle that kitchen and dining area as well as the high trafficked bathroom floor. If there are areas you can’t get to, don’t worry: you can make it up later on a day that doesn’t have a lot of tasks at hand.

Toilet Tuesday

Cleaning Toilet
Tuesdays should be the day your grab the gloves and toilet bowl cleaner. Tuesdays can be a drag, because who really likes cleaning toilets anyways? But if done early enough in the week, there is nothing to ruin your weekend with later.
You will want to focus on disinfecting and scrubbing all bathroom-related surfaces. From scrubbing showers and tubs to shaking bath mats outside, you can also use this day to check up on any toiletries that are low to put on the list for your shopping day.

Wipe It Down Wednesday

Wiping Off Table

If it has a surface, wipe and dust. Here is where you can get a lot of the grime and dirt off those microwave or stove surfaces. Start from the top and go to the floor, especially if you’re dusting. This will help to gather all the stuff that comes off the high ledges of the home. You also want to consider non-permanent items such as toys and telephones to wipe down and disinfect.

Throw Out Thursday
Trash Day

Thursday can be far the greatest day of all. This is the day your declutter everything! You want to throw out old newspapers and any leftover food that has gone past its expiration date. (And don’t worry––we all have that unintended science project in the back of the fridge.)

You may also want to consider Thursday donation day as well. If it’s in the right condition, donate it. Throw out the old clothes with holes or donate those that are still usable but don’t fit.

Fold It Friday

Holding Folded Clothes
is the day to tackle the laundry chair. You know the one I am talking about: the chair where the clean clothes migrate. Friday is a great day to sit and watch a show while folding everybody’s clothes. This is also the best day to maintain clean bedding. Once a month, clean the bed skirt.

Slow It Down Saturday

Family Cleaning Together
So now everyone is home and you want to relax. Slow down and enjoy it! Just have everyone help pitch in today for about 20 mins to straighten up things and voila––you are done for the weekend.

Sleeping On Sunday

Family Time Watching TV. Rest time should bea part of your weekly cleaning schedule.
Sunday is a day of rest and so should the cleaning tasks! Enjoy the day and go have some fun with the family.

Instead of Developing a Weekly Cleaning Schedule, You Can Give us a Call

You could always just contact us at TLC Cleaning for recurring cleaning services and have us do these daily cleaning tasks for you so that everyday can feel like “Sleeping On Sunday”.

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