A sparkling clean glass stovetop

How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

For most of us, cleaning the house is not a favorite pastime. However, when you are the proud owner of a glass stovetop, it becomes…

Someone using a microfiber cloth on their white cabinets after learning how to clean grease off kitchen cabinets

5 Tips to Beat Cabinet Grease Film in the Kitchen

Your love of fried chicken and all things greasy is taking a toll. It is almost like you blink, and a grease stain magically appears on your beautiful cabinetry. If you clean your cabinets often enough, it can be easy to remove. But sometimes the grease doesn’t want to leave, causing you to scrub like a maniac just to get your kitchen up to par.

What to Expect with House Cleaning Services 

When you bring a company into your home for house cleaning, you expect that they will get the job done properly. Learn what you should look for when having your house or business cleaned.